Eurovision 2010: Two months to go

by Edward Montebello 74 views

In two months time the first show from this year's Eurovision Song Contest will go on air from Telenor Arena in the outskirts of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Though there is a rush of criticism towards the quality of this year's songs the fans will eventually share the moment.

The first seventeen countries from the thirty-nine participating nations will take the stage on 25th May. Currently all of the artists and their teams are believed to be planning the performance which can be one of the main highlights in their musical career.

This year’s host broadcaster NRK is preparing a different concept of the show with a lower budget than the Russians had last year but some say – “less is more!”. Parts of the postcards that will introduce each song will be filmed in the competing countries. This was also used in 1996 when Oslo hosted the last contest in the Spektrum arena. The general feedback on this revert was positive since the viewers will see the real integration that the Eurovision Song Contest brings.

Sixty days from today the first batch of semi-finalists will compete for ten sports in the final. Moldova will have the honour to open the Eurovision competition in Oslo or perhaps others say the country is unlucky to be drawn number one. This year’s edition will see the combination of the 50-50% tele-voting and professional jury. The same panel of jury will also cast the votes in the grand final.

Excitement for the show will be highly felt, with two months to go when the main hosts Erik Solbakken, Haddy Jatou N'jie will enchant “So let the Eurovision Song Contest begin” while the passionate audience will welcome the protagonists of the show. This year’s contest will be held in the same period when Europe is trying to completly head out from the recession that also left some past participating countries out from the competition.

No wonder why millions will watch the first show that will gear up for the 55th Eurovision Song Contest final. The notion initiated from the father of the Eurovision Song Contest i.e. Marcel Bezencon will continue to flourish in Oslo as the European Broadcasting Union continues to be at the helm of the world broadcasting network.

Though the confederation of broadcasting organisations face some harsh or in other cases fair criticism, the EBU owns the best certificate i.e. producing the biggest extravaganza show in the world. In about 1440 hours the Eurovision Song Contest kicks-off but until then Ad Multos Annos Eurovision Grand Prix!