The National Final Awards 2010

by Marcus Klier 66 views

With the last national final having been held, it is time to officially launch the National Final Awards 2010, which will honour the best songs and performances not winning their national finals. The polls for the pre-nomination phase already kicked off last December after the first national final had been held. o

How do the nominations take place?

The nominations will take place over two phases:

  1. In the first phase, two polls were launched right after every national final. In the first one, you can vote for your favourite performance not to win and in the second one, you can vote for your favourite song not to win.
  2. The second phase will see the actual nominees being selected. A poll will be launched for every category with one possible nominee per country and you can vote for your favourite to get a nomination. The top four of each poll will be nominated for an National Final Award while a fifth additional nominee will be added by an jury. The only exception are the Best song not to qualify category, which will include eight nominees and the Best act elminated in a semi final, quarter final or heat category, whose nominees will not be determined through a poll.

Which songs/performances can be nominated?

In the main categories, only songs/performances that were presented in the national FINAL can be nominated. There will be a special award for the Best act elminated in a semi final, quarter final or heat. If a winning song was withdrawn/disqualified, it can still not be nominated being the original winner of the national final.

What are the categories?

  1. Best song
  2. Best performance
  3. Best ballad
  4. Best mid-tempo song
  5. Best up-tempo song
  6. Best pop/dance song
  7. Best rock song
  8. Best folk song
  9. Best female performance
  10. Best male performance
  11. Best duo/group performance
  12. Best act eliminated in a semi final, quarter final or heat
  13. Best national final
  14. Best staging and presentation
  15. Best voting system

Three new awards will be given out to honour the various different genres: Best rock song, Best pop/dance song and Best folk song. There will be no award for Best webcast this year, as according to the rections posted during live events, none of the webcasts was working perfectly for the vast majority.

How to vote in the first phase?

You can still vote in all polls of the first phase until this Friday, 26th March 2010, 20:00 CET.

Best performance not to qualify
Best song not to qualify
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27th December 2009 – 26th March 2010 Pre-nominations
29th March 2010 – 4th April 2010 Nominations
5th April 2010 – 25th April 2010 Voting
26th April 2010 – 2nd May 2010 Results