Ukraine: NTU investigating Eurovision 2010 entry

by Gavin Murray 165 views

Last night the ukrainian national final was held in Kyiv, to decide who will represent the Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest on Oslo, Norway. The winner was Alyosha with the song 'To Be Free.'

Today, in Ukraine, media speculation was enriched over Alyosha's song 'To Be Free' as it maybe breaking one of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) rules which govern all participating countries atthe Eurovision Song Contest.

The state broadcaster in Ukraine, NTU, today have released a statement regarding the above issue.

"Singer Alyosha, who on Saturday, March 20th, won the national selection for Eurovision 2010, today appeared in the center ofa scandal. In musical circles of the young singer, real name is Olena Kucher, is accused of plagiarismwhen comparing the song 'To be free,' sheentered in the qualifying competition with a composition 'Knock Me Out' performed by Linda Perry and Grace Slick. In connection with this we announce that the legal and international management of NTU and jury as a whole is studying the issue."

NTU is now examining the compliance of the song with EBU rules. If the song fails to meet the requirements of the EBU rules;"the artist who won the national selection will be offered in the short term to change the song," – said the general director of the National Television Company of Ukraine Egor Benkendorf.

NTU will publish the results of their investigation tomorrow.

Alyosha – 'To Be Free'

Linda Perry and Grace Slick – 'Knock Me Out'