Armenia: The Eva Rivas interview

by Zaven Shegrikyan 67 views

Eva Rivas, the Armenian hopeful for the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo spoke to, sharing her emotions, feelings and news with our readers.

Dear Eva, congratulations on winning the national final in Armenia and having the opportunity to represent your country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

1. First of all we would like to know how do you feel now, being the Armenian hopeful in Eurovision 2010? Please, tell us about your feelings.

Thank you very much for your congratulations! I am very glad,that the whole world is starting to listen to our wonderful song! I had an explosion of different positive feelings and emotions at that moment,but the main feeling i had and have till now is HAPPINESS, because this is a huge honour for me to represent my native country Armenia in the Eurovision song contest,which has been my favourite for many years since my childhood! I had a dream,and now it is real…

2. Can you tell us please what does the song Apricot Stone mean for you? Please describe the song exactly how you feel about it.

This is a very personal song for me. First of all because this lyrics is based on my own life story. These are the feelings that can live in the very core of the heart of every Armenian in diaspora. Second and the most important thing is that this song is not only about Armenians, but also about every person who loves his native country. And i think that this is a key to success in this contest. Performing it I feel love to my country and to all the people who gave me a chance to show it to the whole world.

3. What about the attitude of people in Armenia, in Europe? Do you already feel that your song is popular among the Europeans?

This is a big compliment for me. I knew that the song will be a success, but did not expect such a huge success, and so immediately from the very beginning … this may pave the way to victory? A Big Thank You to all Europeans, that they loved our nice song. We want to share our Apricot with the whole world.

4. Eva, let's speak about the promo tours. Which countries have you already visited after winning the national final and which countries do you plan to visit until the contest?

Until now I went to Ukraine for the promo tour but, as my promo tour officially starts a little later, respectively, soon we will only begin to "get acquainted" with all countries. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how many countries I am going to visit, because I don't make the timetable for a promo tour. But I hope that in such a short time I will be able to visit all the countries!

5. We know that a brand new version of Apricot Stone is going to be presented soon and Eurovision Song Contest fans are impatiently waiting for it. Can you reveal the date of the song presentation?

I am so sorry, my dear friends! I cannot tell you that. And the only reason is that I don't know. Only my producer knows! But I can tell you one thing – the song has become much more powerful and exciting!

6. We know you will be working with very professional backing vocalists on the stage in Eurovision. Are you pleased with the new work done together? What can you tell us about your backing vocalists?

Each one of my back-vocalists is absolutely a professional singer with a beautiful,strong , individual voice. We immediately worked out nicely together and created a masterpiece, for which I am very grateful to them! In addition to the professionalism each of them has a great,kind loving heart. And this is the key to our success. This is where we all are alike. And this is our key to the victory.

7. Of course it is early to tell about the show which is going to be staged in Oslo,but can you tell anything about the show? Do you already know what show will represent Armenia in Oslo?

Sorry, this is going to be a huge surprise…I am sure you'll like it!

8. Have you already listened to the other songs which will compete this year in Oslo? Do you have any favourites?

I don't want to listen to the other songs, because maybe one of them will make me worried. And now i am very calm and full of strength. These are the feelings that will accompany me to Oslo!

9. And finally, please tell something to our readers, as you have many fans among them!

My Dear friends! Thank you very much for your support! Thank you very much that you like our wonderful song! I hope that you will sing it along with me for many years. This is the most important thing for me, first of all this is going to be my victory. I am very happy that i was chosen to represent Armenia! Of course I understand that this is also a great responsibility and you may be afraid that i will disappoint you! But you must know, i am full of strength and assurance, that I will be able to perform at the highest level and I hope you will be proud of me!.. . thanks Eva Rivas for the interview and wishes her best of luck in the contest!

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