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Daniel Diges, the Spanish 2010 Eurovision representative, spoke to after his victory at the Spanish Eurovision national final. The Spanish artist has spoken about his victory and about the preparations for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. A magical surprise will be in store for everyone!

Daniel, what has it meant for you to win the Spanish Eurovision final? Can you believe it, that you will be representing Spain at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest?

Well, to tell you the truth, it came to me as a real surprise winning the Spanish Eurovision final as I was not among the hot favourites to win the competition. There were many great singers in the competition with fabulous songs. It will be a mindblowing and incredible experience to be singing live in front of the thousands of fans and viewers in Oslo, as well as the millions of television viewers who will watch me performing live and representing my country. It hasn't hit me yet! I still can't believe I will be representing Spain at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

Has your life changed since you were declared the winner of the Spanish Eurovision national final? How was the day after?

If my life has changed after winning the Spanish Eurovision national final? I'd say yes, it has changed in some ways! Currently I am busy giving interviews, fullfilling all my appointments with the media and the press and preparing for Oslo. It's mad and hectic, but I am really enjoying it. The day after my victory I finally got to rest, and I was trying to come to terms with the latest developments in my life, winning the Spanish final and thus having the honour of representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Have you heard any of the competing entries at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Please comment which ones have attracted your fancy. Any favourites?

Well, I haven't had a chance to listen to all the competing entries as I have been busy with my promotion and with my preparations for Oslo. I don't think all the songs are selected yet. It's too early to talk about any favourites

Can you please tell us how will Algo pequeñito be staged in Oslo? Will there be a circus theme to the performance?

Well, I can only reveal that both the song and the performance in Oslo will have a suprise. I can't say more at the moment. I hope you will enjoy the surprise we have in store!

The last time Spain competed with a waltz song was back in 1978 with José Vélez. What do you think of his song <i>Bailemos un vals</i>?

José Vélez is an extraordinary artist, he represented Spain in 1978 with the song Bailemos un vals, he achieved a 9th placing in Paris. I don't think his entry has any similarity to Algo pequeñito. But I do hope we enjoy the same success he enjoyed back in 1978 both in Spain and Europe with his song.

Have you spoken to any of the former Spanish Eurovision representatives after your victory in the Spanish national final? Have any of them given you any advice?

I haven't had the chance to speak to any of them in person. Massiel sent me a message while she was on a television show, saying that she liked my song and that she believes we can win in Oslo. Betty Missiego has sent me a message through YouTube supporting me.

Will you be filming a preview videoclip for your song Algo pequeñito? Please tell us something about it?

Well, currently we are busy filming the Spanish preview videoclip. TVE is working very hard in order to come up with something magical and special. All I can say about it, is that it promises to be very special with an essence of magic! I am sure you will be happy with the outcome!

Willl you be travelling around Europe in order to promote your song and entry around Europe? If so, where will you be going? And when?

We have been invited to attend some national finals in Europe, but unfortunately due to our tight schedule and preparations for Oslo we have had to decline. As you know, we have been busy with the filming of the Spanish preview video during the last days.

Are you going to record the Spanish Eurovision entry Algo Pequenito in other language other than Spanish? Will there be an English or French version?

I would love to record an English and French version of Algo pequeñito. We are actually considering it. But we haven't decided anything yet, as we haven't had the time.

Are you aware that many fans in Europe like your song and appreciate both your performance and vocal skills?

Yes, I am really grateful and thankful to all the fans all over Europe. I receive messages every day from them telling me how much they like my song, wishing me good luck, etc. I really appreciate it. It is such a beautiful feeling when people from so many different lands and cultures appreciate and value your work. I hope they continue supporting me on the 29th of May in Oslo. I would like thank each and everyone sincerely from the bottom of my heart

Do you have a message for the readers and the Eurovision fans accross Europe?

I would like send my best wishes and hugs to all the readers. I am very grateful and thankful for your support. I would like to request everyone to please listen to my song Algo pequeñito, and if you like it and enjoy it please recommend it to a friend. Hence Algo pequeñito (Something tiny) could become something great in Oslo at the Eurovision Song Contest!

We would like to thank Daniel Diges and TVE for this interview and wish Daniel the best of luck in Oslo.

Daniel Diges – Algo pequeñito

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