Harel Skaat to perform Milim in the Eurovision Song Contest

by Marcus Klier 72 views

Tonight, the Israeli national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was held. Harel Skaat performed all four songs and at the end of the voting it was decided that he will perform the song Milim (Words) in Oslo. It is written by Tomer Hadadi and Noam Horev.

Complete results

No. Song
Jury 1
Jury 2
Jury 3 Jury 4
Jury 5
Tele Total
1 Milim 12 12 12 24 60 120 240
2 Le'an 10 8 0 20 50 100 188
3 Elayich 8 0 8 16 40 80 152
4 Le'hitkarev 0 10 10 0 0 0 20

Jury 1 = Members of the Israeli parliament
Jury 2 = OGAE Israel
Jury 3 = Members of the Harel Skaat fan club
Jury 4 = Mira Awad, Tzvika Pik and Moshe Datz
Jury 5 = IBA jury

esctoday.com poll results

The esctoday.com poll voters did no agree with the choice as the clear poll winner was the song Le'an, which had received 48.0% of the votes. Milim had still finished second with 22.8% of the votes.

esctoday.com national final awards 2010

The 2010 esctoday.com National Final Awards will be held between April and May, which means between the national final season and the Eurovision Song Contest. We will repeat the same format with two rounds for nominations which was used this year – you can read how it works here. However, this time the individual polls for each country will always be held right after the national final, when the entries are still fresh. You can vote for your favourite performance not to qualify in the Israeli national final here and for your favourite song not to qualify here.

In 2009, Israel was represented by Noa & Mira Awad with the song There must be another way. They qualified to the final from the first semi-final after finishing in the 7th place, but finished in the 16th place in the final.


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