Israel: Two more qualify in The Next Star

by Jessica Weaver 305 views

Last night saw yet another episode of Israel’s The Next Star air in the country, with another proportion of artists auditioning for a place in the next stage of the competition.

Performing to both the audience and 4-member jury panel, last night saw 3 artists competing in the slightly-shorter episode of the competition, hoping to gain the votes needed to proceed in the contest.

As always, artists need to receive at least 70% of the ‘Yes’ vote in order to advance in the contest, with the 70% being accumulated by both the audience and jury.

Two acts advance

Whilst 3 artists auditioned, only 2 managed to earn the percentage of votes needed to proceed.

  • May Tor (89%, ‘Yes’ from all 4 judges)
  • Eliran Elias (71%, ‘Yes’ from 2 judges)

Amit Ben Dahan failed to advance in the competition tonight, having only received 34% of the ‘Yes’ vote.

Receiving the highest percentage of votes last night was May Tor, who went on to receive ‘Yes’ votes from all 4 members of the judging panel. Check out her performance once again!

You can view all of last night’s performances via the official Next Star website.

The Next Star continues next week at the usual time of 20:00 CET, with an official air date expected to be revealed over the coming days.