Live: National final in Serbia

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The Serbian naional final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is about to be held. As the title gives away, three acts are going to compete in Tri pa jedan za Oslo with three different songs written by Goran Bregovič and Marina Tucaković.

How to watch?

  • The show can be followed through various different webcasts here, here and here. (all threerequire Real Player).
  • Another webcast is available here. ( requires Windows Media Player)
  • Live streaming is also provided on BTRC here.
  • You can also follow the show on radio RTS – Radio Beograd 1 hereand here (both require Real Player).


The song titles have not been announced yet. The music to all three songs is composed by Goran Bregovi� while the lyrics are written by Marina Tucakovi�.

  1. Emina Jahovi�
  2. Milan Stankovi�
  3. Oliver Kati� & Jelena Markovi�

Your opinion

A poll will be launched after the songs have been performed for the first time.


The show has started.

A video montage introduces tonight's composer. The clip also features pictures from his interval act performance in Belgrade 2008.

1. Emina Jahovi�

Emina Jahovi� performs the first of three up-tempo Balkan songs. Her entry is very hectic and so is the stage performance. Despite the chaotic impression overall, the song might stand out in the line-up of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, which is dominated by ballads. The song might lack a strong verse and rather sounds like the chorus is repeated over three minutes.

2. Milan Stankovi�

The second song is in a similar style as the first time but it is a bit more melodical. The performance features many clichés of Serbian folk music, which might be look slightly comical to foreigners. Nevertheless an interesting performance.

3. Oliver Kati�

It seems to turn out that all three Serbian songs might have similar chances in the Eurovision Song Contest. Oliver however seems to be the artists how dives the deepest into his own song and he delivers a confident performance.

  • You can now vote in our POLL here.

Milan Stankovi� has won the national final and will represent Serbia in Oslo.

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