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Greece will select it representative for the next Eurovision Song Contest. Seven acts will compete for the right to represent Greece in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

How to watch?

  • A webcast will be provided on the official website here. (Octoshape required)
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Composer/lyricist in brackets.

  1. Christos HatzinasiosIllusion
    (Christos Hatzinasios/Panos Nikolakopoulos, Gale Petrou)
  2. Sunny Baltzi & Second SkinGame of life
    (Sunny Baltzi)
  3. Manos PyrovolakisKivotos tou Noe
    (Manos Pyrovolakis, Yannis Stigka)
  4. Giorgos Alkaios & Friends Opa
    (Giorgos Alkaios/Yannis Antoniou, Friends)
  5. Giorgos KaradimosPolemao
    (Giorgos Karadimos/Vasilis Gavriilides)
  6. Melisses Kinezos
  7. Émigré Touch medeep inside
    (Yannis Chaniotaki/Nektarios Tyrakis)

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The Greek final kicks-off with an uptempo song. The theme of the song is the Greek participation in the contest throughout the past years. The background screens some past Greek representatives.

The hosts Rika Vagiannis and Tzeni Balatsinou appear on stage and presents the show that will pick up the next Greek entry.

The fans present in the hall are cheering with great excitement ahead of the presentation of all competing acts.

Last year's Greek presentation of This is our night performed by Sakis Rouvas is aired. Sakis Rouvas pass his message on a pre-recorded clip because he couldn't make it to the show of tonight.

As usual the Cypriot representative in Eurovision stars in the Greek show. John Lilygreen & The Islanders performs Live Looks Better in Spring.

The Cypriot representatives receives a warm welcome and the hosts ask Jon how's the connection with Cyprus being Welsh. Jon responds that he took the opportunity to present a good song in the contest.

1. Christos HatzinasiosIllusion

Current poll result: 4th (12.2%)

Christos goes down the stage and is out of tune in the beginning of the song. He loses the tune in the long notes. Three female dancers perform a dance routine for this song. It is a good ballad which its frame work is built on the Right on Time, the sole ballad performed by Sakis last year in the Greek final. Illusion is more of an electronic rock ballad which could do well if Christos were in top form.

2. Sunny Baltzi & Second SkinGame of life

Current poll result: 2nd (16.0%)

This act looks very Goth with a rock band is situated on stage. The outfits look very provocative and the performers rock on stage. Their vocal performance is average but they keep a stable presentation of the up tempo rock song which though is a bit repetitive is catchy and could be a good radio track. This song receives a warm applause.

3. Manos PyrovolakisKivotos tou Noe

Current poll result: 5th (11.1%)

Manos is in the centre of the stage singing and playing a string Greek traditional instrument. He is accompanied by a female artist who sings a large part of the song. The song is typical Greek mixed with a rap rhythm in parts of the song. The performers dance a traditional dance that suits well to the song. An average song that can be lost if it will go to Oslo because its not strong enough.

4. Giorgos Alkaios & Friends Opa

Current poll result: 1st (29.9%)

The hot favourite is welcomed with a warm applause. Giorgos is wearing a simple black outfit and he is accompanied by four backing vocals/dancers. They present the main positive concept of the song Opa i.e. positive ness. In the bridge of the song get more energetic with the use of a traditional instrument and some percussion (drums). The song is catchy and typical Greek and definitely this can be the right choice for Oslo.

5. Giorgos KaradimosPolemao

Current poll result: 7th (6.9%)

Giorgos Karadimos is alone on stage singing a ballad. He is singing with great passion and looks confident on stage. He keeps it simple and this can really work but since there are already too much ballads in this year’s contest can this stand out? Karadimos vocal performance is excellent and this could be a contender for the top places.

6. Melisses Kinezos

Current poll result: 6th (8.2%)

An oriental taste introduces this rock song. The group is wearing in classic suits as if they are attending a gala concert. The lead singer presents the song with so much confidence but on the other hand the song lacks from being a strong entry for Greece.

7. Émigré Touch medeep inside

Current poll result: 3rd (15.8%)

The lead singer is accompanied by a band in which the use of the keyboard makes it a more commercial song. In the grandioso of the song which sounds very traditional the performers make some slow motion moves to reach a great ending. This is another average performance and the song does not have that kind of oomph to shine in the Eurovision Song Contest.

This concludes the performances. Our poll will be closed in five minutes.

The hosts open the tele-voting while a recap of all the songs from the last act to the first act is shown. Disqualified Belgian singer with Greek roots Katerine Avgoustakis is on stage singing Treat Me Like A Lady. Katerine is playing the piano and is greeted by the audience for her impressing appearance.

Our poll is closed now. You can find the updated results above.

Katerine sings Enjoy the Day, her entry for the Greek final that was disqualified because it was leaked on the net prior ERT officially presented the competing songs.

Katerine shows some emotional expression in the end as she had to be one of the participants of tonight. The Belgian born singer felt happy that at least she still presented her song which sounds great for clubs.

Bulgarian representative Miro performs Angel si ti.

Giorgos Alkaios & Friends announced as the winners and therefore they will represent Greece in Oslo.

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