Live: National final in Germany

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The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is about to be held. Two singers and four songs are in the running to form the German entry for Oslo.

How to watch?

A webcast will be made available on the official website here. The link should appear shortly before the show starts.

Das Erste is also availble on the German version of the streaming service Zattoo.

The songs

The song titles have not been announced yet.

The performers

  1. Jennifer Braun
  2. Lena Meyer-Landrut

Your opinion

A poll will be launched after all songs have been performed.


The show has started.

Matthias Opdenhövel and Sabine Heinrich enter the stage to a well-known tune. The two explain the format – both the performer and the song for Oslo will be chosen.

A video montage introduces the Eurovision Song Contest itself as well as the national selection.

Head judge Stefan Raab is now on stage. He explains that the songs were chosen out of 200-300 submissions.

The two guest judges are introduced: Stefania Kloß, lead singer of Silbermond and Xavier Naidoo.

Lena's and Jennifer's story so far is shown in a video montage. The frequent repetitions of various material is due to the fact that the show is broadcast on two different channels, which results in slightly different audiences in the last four shows.

1. Jennifer Braun Bee

The first song sounds like it would be perfect for Lena Meyer-Landrut. It is a catchy mid-/up-tempo tune with sweet lyrics in the style of Lily Allen. Jennifer's vocal performance is very strong and she sells this entry in an authentic way.

Stefan Raab says that Jennifer can sing songs in many different styles.

Stefanie Kloß highlights the confidence.

Xavier Naidoo says that it was a strong performance but she could have brought the easiness of the song across better.

2. Lena Meyer-LandrutBee

As expected, this song is indeed Lena's style. A very charming performance, although she seems a little insecure at some points. The lyrics also seem to reflect her personality as it was shown over the past few weeks.

Stefanie Kloß says that Lena is very authentic.

Xavier Naidoo says that the songs seems to be tailor-made for her.

Stefan Raab says that Lena created her own world on stage.

3. Jennifer Braun Satellite

The second song is a mid-tempo song of high quality that could have been recorded by many international artists. The more melancolic style suits Jennifer as well and she puts much emotion into her performance. The first song might still be more instantly catchy, which would probably be an advantage in the Eurovision Song Contest. The vocal performance is once again flawless.

Xavier Naidoo says that the song is fantastic ans suits her very well.

Stefan Raab says that she is the queen of the long notes.

4. Lena Meyer-LandrutSatellite

Lena's version of the song has a completely different arrangement. It is much faster and turns the song into an instantly catchy tune. Lena is acting aggressive, which is all new for her but comes across well on screen. The song gets even more power towards the end. This one could do well in Oslo and the audience is enthusiastic – biggest applause so far!

Stefan Raab likes her acting.

Stefanie Kloß says that it was good but some notes might have been better if they had had more pressure.

5. Jennifer BraunI care for you

This is Jennifer's individual song and it is obvious that this is just her style. The pop/rock song is modern (or timeless at least) and it is catchy enough to do well in the Eurovision Song Contest. The vocals are flawless and the singer feels at ease on stage.

Stefanie Kloß praises her voice.

Xavier Naido says that this is the songs that suits her best.

Stefan Raab liked the edges and that she enjoyed the time on stage.

6. Lena Meyer-Landrut Love me

Lena's own song is another catchy one and it suits her perfectly. Her enthusiasm comes across well on screen and this is another likely entry for Oslo.

All three jury memebers like the song and the performance.

  • You can now vote in our POLL here.

Two individual recaps are shown.

The voting of the first round is closed.

Jennifer Braun's winning song is I care for you.

Lena Meyer-Landrut's winning song is Satellite.

The two songs will now be performed again.

Our poll is closed now.

The results are coming in.

Lena Meyer-Landrut will represent Germany in Oslo.

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