Romania: Ovi is the only author of the song

by Aris kalimeris 127 views

Ovi (Ovidiu Cernauteanu), the Romanian reprezentative of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is the only composer of the song “playing with fire.”

Although some of the Romanian media claimed that Ovi is not the only composer of the song "playing with fire, things are now getting clear as the Romanian HoD Ms. Marina Almasan explained what exactly happened.

"This song is registered in the Norwegian society of copyrights, TONO. Ovi and Mr. Eriksud agreed to share 50% each from the royalties of the song as compensation from the recording and production of the single that will be published," declared Ovi's record label.

According the written agreement between Ovi and his producer and the confirmation from Ovi's record label, Ovi seems to be the only author of the song. Marina Almasan, Romania HoD, declared that this is like a storm in a glass of water. "Actually, Mr. Eriksud is Ovi's producer, I contacted the Romanian society of copyrights and i was told that this is something common beetwen an author and his producer. Ovi is the only author of the song so we go on with our schedule," declared the Romanian HoD.

The subject is closed and now Paula Seling and Ovi are getting ready for their promotion tour. They are also about to shoot their video clip and a club remix of their Eurovision entry "Playing with fire".

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