Live: Song presentation show in Bosnia & Herzegovina

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The song presentation show to present Munja i grom, the song that will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, to the public for the first time is about to be held. Munja i grom is written by Edin-Dino Saran, frontman of the popular B&H- rockband Letu stuke. As announced earlier, it will be performed by Vukasin Brajic, who will be aiming to continue Bosnia & Herzegovina's successful Eurovision road. Since 2006, the country's broadcaster has selected their entry internally, never placing worse than 11th in the final. Vukasin Brajic will perform both the Bosnian, as well as the English version of Munja i grom.

How to watch?

A webcast will be made available on here, as well ashere.


The show has just started with a dancing routine of ABBA's Mamma Mia.

Tonight's hosts Ilma, Goran and Nejra enter the stage and explain the procedure of tonight's show. After the introduction, last year's Eurovision representatives of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Regina, once again will perform Bistra voda, the entry that scored them ninth place in the final of last year's Eurovision Song Contest. Towards the end of tonight's show, their successor's song finally will be revealed.

After this first show act, the hosts are back again, welcoming the audience, the television viewers, as well as the international fans who are following the show via the webcast.

Now, it's time to introduce tonight's most important person, namely Vukasin Brajic, this year's representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Vukasin is dressed entirely in black, accompanying himself with a white guitar. He will not present Munja i grom until the very end of the show. In the meantime, he will warm up the audience with various other performances.

After his first performance, he will be joined by Ana Bebic, one of his colleagues from Opercija Trijumf, the reality show that made him popular. Together, they are performing Kids. After that, he will welcome Macedonian superstar and 2002 and 2007 Eurovision Song Contest representative Karolina Goceva to the stage. They are going to perform their well-known duet Zaboravi.

Now, the time has come for the five invited countries to present their Eurovision Song Contest entries to the audience of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Poland's Marcin Mrozinski goes first. Especially for the Bosnian audience, he is performing a slightly different version of Legenda, supported by a female backing vocalist. He is wearing a black suit, a white shirt and a red tie. Croatia will be next. The three ladies of Feminnem are placed at the centre of stage, starting their performance sitting on a bench. They will give a rather dramatic rendition of their ballad Lako je sve to underline the song's message. It will be Serbia's turn after them. Milan Stankovic, who has been selected as recently as yesterday, will present his song Ovo je Balkan. Quite on the contrast to yesterday's performance in the Serbian national final, he will be casually dressed rather than traditionally. FYR Macedonia's Gjoko Taneski succeeds Stankovic and performs his entry Jas ja imam silata. He will be dressed in a black suit and joined by Damjan Pejcinoski and Billy Zver, making the performance look quite similar to the one from Skopje Fest. Irish Niamh Kavanagh will conlcude the performances of the five invited Eurovision acts. In the introduction, we will be able to see an excerpt of the performance of her 1993 winning song In your eyes. Tonight, she will be wearing a black outfit complimenting her figure.

Next, tonight's guests of honour, Alma & Dejan, are performing Ostani kraj mene, the song they had represented Bosnia & Herzegovina at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest with.

Finally, 2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak will now also treat the Bosnian audience with his latest single Europe's skies, as well as his well-know winning song Fairytale.

Now, the time has come to reveal what everyone has been waiting for: Munja i grom, both in Bosnian and English language. Before the composer Edin-Dino Saran and Vukasin are being interviewed about the entry. Vukasin mentions that the second verse of Munja i grom is his favourite part.

With five backing vocalists at his disposal, Vukasin finally performs Munja i grom for the first time. The song could probably be described as a reflective, partly melancholic rock ballad with a meaningful message. The song itself is rock and does not contain any ethnic elements, contrary to previous entries of Bosnia & Herzegovina. To conclude the show, Vukasin is performing the English version of Munja i grom, which has similar lyrics compared to the Bosnian version, in order to keep the message.

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