Belarus: Dmitry Koldun releases music video for Moy Dom

by Stratos Agadellis 1,225 views

Following the release of Dmitry Koldun’s newest single Moy dom (My house) a few months ago, the 2007 Belarusian Eurovision representative now sees the premiere of his song’s music video on his official YouTube channel.

The video clip

Moy dom is a dynamic ballad written in Russian lyrics by Dmitriy Aleksandrovich. A love story between a young couple is unfolding in the video clip, who get to know each other at a garden party. Their story has a happy end, as they end up kissing each other with fireworks in the background.

Dmitry Koldun at Eurovision

Having won the national final process Eurofest 2007, the young singer Dmitry Koldun earned the right to represent his nation at the Helsinki-hosted Eurovision Song Contest in May 2007. His Eurovision entry was the ballad song Work your magic, composed by Philip Kirkorov and Karen Kavaleryan.

From the very beginning, Belarus was considered one of the year’s favourites. Koldun managed to qualify to the Grand Final of the competition, after initially participating in the semi-final. Eventually, he came 6th in the final with 176 points, achieving the best result of Belarus and their only Top 10 placing so far.

Here you may recall his 2007 performance at the Helsinki Arena:

Could Dmitry return and give Belarus their first Eurovision victory?