Live: National final in Ukraine

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The Ukrainian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is about to be held. Vasyl Lazarovich will perform all five songs and the winning song will become the eightth Ukrainian entry in the competition.

How to watch?

  • A webcast will be made available on here. (requires Octoshape)
  • A webcast is available here. (Ukrainian residents only)
  • A webcast is available here.(available WORLDWIDE)


Composer/lyricist in brackets.

  1. Adrenalin
    (Dmitriy Klimashenko/Olga Yarynich)
  2. I know
    (Nikola Karajia/Brandon Stone)
  3. Shine of our star
    (Ziga Pirnat, Brandon Stone)
  4. Don't wanna lose you
    (Claes Andreasson)
  5. I love you
    (Brandon Stone/Brandon Stone, Olga Yarynich)

Your opinion

A poll will be launched after all songs have been performed.


The show has started with a short introduction of Vasyl Lazarovich.

The voting has already started.

1. Adrenalin

The first song in the running is an up-tempo electronic pop song performed in Ukrainian. The visual highlight of this performance is a throne the singer is sitting on at the beginning, which later turns out to be acutally his backing performers hiding under a large piece of fabric. The song is catchy but it might be a bit too simple to attract many voters in the Eurovision Song Contest, even with a more complex performance. However, this kind of music seems to suit the voice of the singer very well.

2. Shine of your star

The singer changed quickly and now appears on stage in a grey suit. The second song is an operatic ballad and the performance is very dramatic. Although Vasyl Lazarovich makes technically no faults, this kind of music seems to suit him less than the first song tonight as the overall expression is rather sythetic and dramatic in an over-the-top kind of way. The English words can hardly be understood, which raises the question if a song performed in the national language would be the better choice for Oslo.

3. I know

The second ballad tonight, but this one creates a jazzy atmosphere despite the classical strings arrangement. The singer seems to be more comfortable with this rather relaxed song than with the very dramatic Shine of our star. The saxophone during the bridge part reminds of some popular ballads from the 1980s and although this song could not be called modern, it might be an option if Ukraine decides to send its first Eurovision ballad ever to Oslo.

4. Don't wanna lose you

The official spelling of this entry is "Don't wanna loose you", but suppose that it is an accidental mistake rather than a stylistic device. The singer is acting like a rock star now, but after the first three perofrmances it is hard to buy it. Not a very authentic effort – both the song and the performance.

5. I love you

How long did it take to come up with this song title? We don't know, but we can say that the song keeps what its title promises. This is a very classic – not to say bland – ballad with repetitive lyrics. It is hard to believe that this one would touch the hearts of many people.

  • You can now vote for your favourite song in our POLL here!

A series of intervl acts will now take place before the results are announced.

The televoting is closed now.

Eva Rivas now performs Apricot stone, the Armenian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

2010 Bulgarian representative Miro now performs his Angel si ti.

Sophia/Sofie/Sopho Nizharadze is up next with the 2010 Georgian entry Shine.

Azerbaijani representative Safura presents one of the three songs in the running for the ticket to Oslo: Drip drop.

Before the results are in, the jury tells their favourite songs. Most of them still favour I love you.

I love you will be the Ukrainian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

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