Tonight: National final in Romania

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Tonight, Selecţia Naţională 2010 will be held. 16 acts will compete in the Romanian national final for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest and the winner will become the country's twelfth representative in the competition.

The show

The show to be broadcast on TVR1 will start at 20:10 CET (21:10 local time) and it will be hosted by Horia Brenciu and Valentina Pelinel at the Globus Circus Arena in Bucharest. 16 acts will present one song each and the winner will be chosen by a mixture of five regional juries (from Craiova, Timi�oara, Ia�i, Clui and Bucharest) and televoting (50% each).

How to watch?

A webcast will be made available here and for RealPlayer here.


Composer/Lyricist in brackets.

  1. R�zvan KrivachJack Pott
    (R�zvan Krivach, Anca Maria�/R�zvan Krivach, Tudor Rogoz, Gia �andru)
  2. Luminiţa Anghel, Tony Tomas & Adrian Piper Save their lives
    (Eduard Carcota/Melinda Bartas)
  3. Paula Seling & OviPlaying with fire
  4. Dalma I'm running
    (Cornel Ilie)
  5. Alexandra UngureanuCrazy
    (Sandy Deac/Alexandra Ungureanu)
  6. Pasager Running out of time
    (Daniel Bouro�u/Ovidiu Anton)
  7. Lora & Sonny Flame Come along
    (F-Charm, Pol/Lora & Sonny Flame)
  8. HotelFMCome as one
    (Gabriel Baruţ�/Alexandra Ivan)
  9. Zero Lay me down
  10. Lucia DumitrescuSee you in heaven
    (Mircea Romcesca)
  11. Paula Seling & Kamara Ghedi It's not too late
    (Andrei Tudor/Andreea Andrei, Kamara)
  12. Lulu & The PuppetsSearching for perfect emotion
    (Vlad Greţu)
  13. Anda Adam & Connect-RSurrender
    (Razvan Matache & Zozo)
  14. Tina G.Love is war
    (Cosmin Mustaţa)
  15. Alexa Baby
    (Mihai Alexandru/Mihai Alexandru, Maria Renee Sanchez Ramos)
  16. C�t�lin JosanAround around
    (C�t�lin Josan)

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In 2009, Romania was represented by Elena Georghe, who finished ninth in the first semi final and 19th in the final her song The Balkan girls. In 2010, the country will compete in the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 27th May.