Finland: YLE releases Saara Aalto documentary

by Alex Vovidis 946 views

Just under one week after Saara Aalto’s announcement that she will represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, YLE has released a new documentary about her life and career. 

Saara Aalto’s new documentary is about her life in a time period where the native Finnish media were so-called “critical” of the singer. Although she had tried to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest, many people were seemingly not so supportive of her attempts.

In the documentary, Saara emphasizes the negative media reaction she received at the time of her participation. Not only that, but she felt that she got to a point where she felt lost, at one point even considering quitting and getting a “real job”.

The documentary has been released on YLE in both her native Finnish as well as in English, the latter of which you can watch below!

The X Factor stage

In 2016, Saara auditioned for the X Factor UK and got her worldwide recognition. Every person in Finland got behind her in the competition, and she also became the most Googled person in Finland.

Following the show, she was signed to Sony Music UK and Finland and most recently signed a record contract with Warner.

See her stunning audition below!