Russia: Philipp Kirkorov hints at return of the ‘Dream Team’?

by Eleanor Cooper 2,120 views

The famous Russian songwriter and man behind many fan-favourite Eurovision hits, Philipp Kirkorov, hinted in an Instagram post about his return to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In his birthday post to the Greek songwriter Dimitris Kontopoulos, former Eurovision artist and songwriter Philipp Kirkorov spoke of their success as the Eurovision ‘Dream Team’, and says “we again start to prepare ‘miracle adventure’ for next year”.

The third member of their ‘Dream Team’ is Greek choreographer Fokas Evangelinos, and together the three have finished no lower than seventh place when they have all been behind the same song.

Russia in 2018?

Although Russia previously stated that since Yuliya Samolova was banned from competing in Ukraine, she would automatically compete for them in 2018, there have been no official announcements by the Russian broadcaster as of yet.

This has sparked rumours amongst fans that Yuliya may not be representing Russia in Lisbon, and instead the duty will fall to a singer who has previously been involved with the ‘Dream Team’, such as Sergey Lazarev.

Until we have an official announcement from the Russian broadcaster, we still do not know who will fly the Russian flag in Lisbon!

Other than Russia, many other countries could see the return of the ‘Dream Team’, with the group having produced a number of entries for many countries in the competition over the past number of years.

Together, the ‘Dream Team’ have been responsible for some of the most popular modern Eurovision songs, including Belarus 2007, Ukraine 2008, Russia 2014 and Russia 2016. Who could it be for 2018?

Would you like to see the return of the Eurovision ‘Dream Team’ for 2018?