San Marino: Serhat releases new version of I Didn’t Know

by Alex Vovidis 549 views

On 3 November, Serhat released a refreshed version of I didn’t know. The new version features Martha Wash, a 2x Grammy nominee and American music legend. If you didn’t like the song before now, you’re gonna love it!

Serhat represented San Marino in the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. Although the song didn’t get to the final, it became one of the memorable songs of that year.

At first the song received a mixed response from Eurovision fans, but with small changes to the rhythm the song, it entered the list of the most beloved performances of that year.

Life after Eurovision

After Eurovision, Serhat has been invited to several TV shows in Europe and one thing he didn’t know was his meeting with Martha Wash.

The most surprising thing was when she asked him to sing the song in duet. Serhat knew from the very beginning that Martha would bring a magical touch to the song; and he wasn’t wrong at all about that!

The new version is unbelievably catchy and both their voices work well together. The song has kept its disco rhythm and aesthetic but with a more futuristic essence; which makes the song sound like brand new. They definitely need to make more songs together!

Speaking of new music, Serhat is preparing his new CD; it’s expected to be released in April 2018 by CAP-Sounds/Germany with a special show along with Martha. Both artists are expected to collaborate on a big event which is going to be toured in 2018 in several European countries.

Watch the video below!