Faniello's to guest star in Slovakia

by Edward Montebello 75 views

Faniello siblings to guest star in the Slovak national final. Fabrizio will premiere his new song while Claudia will perform her latest entry that competed in the Maltese national final.

Fabrizio Faniello who represented Malta twice in the Eurovision Song Contest will do a come back in the show business by launching his latest single I no can do in the Slovak national final. Fabrizio, who disappeared from the music scene following the bad result in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 held in Athens, is working on new material.

Last week during the Maltese national final Manfred Holz was spotted along with Fabrizio. Holz is Fabrizio’s manager from Cap-sounds and this is a sign that the collaboration with the German record label is set to continue.

Apart of Fabrizio, his sister Claudia will also perform in the interval act. Claudia Faniello will sing Samsara which received an eight place in the Malta Eurosong 2010. The Slovak broadcaster STV invited Claudia Faniello a way back before the outcome of the Maltese national final and though the singer did not achieve the top place she will still appear as a guest.

Twelve acts will compete in the Slovak final to take place tomorrow in Bratislava. The winner of the show will represent Slovakia in the first semi-final of the next Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Oslo.

Claudia Faniello performing Samsara in the Malta Eurosong 2010