The Netherlands: Sieneke shoots to the top!

by René Romkes 47 views

This year's Dutch entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 'Ik ben verliefd (sha-la-lie)', performed by Sieneke, currently holds the first spot in the Dutch charts. Never before has a Dutch Eurovision entry made its way to the top of the single charts!

Last week we already reported that Sieneke made an impressive debut by entering the charts at#13. This week the 17 year old singer finds her name back on top of the list. Not even former Dutch Eurovision winners like Lenny Kuhr's De Troubadour(1969) and Teach In's Ding a dong(1975) managed to become #1 hits in the Netherlands.

After alot of criticism from fans and press, all regional radio stations decided to support Sieneke and her song, which is probably one of the main reasons for this success in the Dutch charts. Ik ben verliefd (sha-la-lie) was written by 74 year old Pierre Kartner, who's responsible formany (inter)national hit singles in the pastlike The Smurf Song and The Red Rose Café.

Sieneke will represent the Netherlandsin the second semifinal of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place on Thursday May 27th.

Ik ben verliefd (sha-la-lie)