The Netherlands: Zara Larsson rates potential Dutch Eurovision candidates

by Roy Knoops 2,279 views

Swedish popstar Zara Larsson was invited by radio station Qmusic to rate and choose her favourite next Dutch Eurovision candidate.

Zara Larsson visited Amsterdam last week during her European tour. Radio station Qmusic interviewed the Swedish pop icon and invited her to play a friendly game of Wie Van De Drie? (Who Of The Three?), in which Zara Larsson had to choose her favourite answer from among three options.

Q-DJ Kai Merckx cleverly took the opportunity to tap into the Dutch Eurovision rumour mill, which is spinning on full speed lately, and let international music sensation Zara Larsson provide her expert advise on the matter.

The three options offered to Zara Larsson were Sharon Doorson, Maan and Romy Monteiro, all of which have been named as possible Dutch Eurovision 2018 representatives.

Zara Larsson praises all three potentials, but especially made Romy Monteiro very happy:

Out of all the candidates proposed to Zara Larsson, both Maan and Romy Monteiro have already stated not to be the candidate for Eurovision 2018, although they are interested in a possible future participation. Sharon Doorson has been notably quiet about the matter lately, although she is conveniently working on new musical material:

New songsss✌

Geplaatst door Sharon Doorson op vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

Watch the entire video of Qmusic’s interview with Zara Larsson:

Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS will probably reveal the Dutch representative for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal, this month.

So, do you agree with Zara Larsson? Out of Sharon Doorson, Maan or Romy Monteiro, who would you choose? Or maybe someone entirely different?