Germany: Levina reflects on life after Eurovision and looks to the future

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Germany’s 2017 Eurovision representative Levina recently gave an interview in which she talks about Eurovision, her current life, and her musical future.

In an interview with Eurovision.deLevina, who represented Germany at Eurovision 2017 with her song Perfect life, speaks about the Eurovision Song Contest and her career.

Work and study

Levina starts off on a very happy note, as she recently starred as the opening act for German star Johannes Oerding:

Ah, that was beautiful, that really made me very happy – and it even was on my old home soil in Saxony.

Levina currently lives in London, where she is studying Music Industry Management & Artist Development, besides her musical career. How is she doing?:

I’m very well, thank you for asking. I’m making a lot of music in London, and in January I’ll start getting my Master ready. I’m not entirely sure about the title of the thesis yet, but it’s very well possible that I’ll make the experiences I gathered at the ESC the systematic theme.

Levina continues:

I am studying what’s going on behind the scenes and what questions are relevant there.

Looking back on Eurovision

Despite an enthralling performance on the stage in Kyiv, Levina unfortunately reached a 25th place out of 26 contestants in the Grand Final. Is she disappointed about this?

No, and there was, and is, no reason for that. The ESC incited me, one always needs new impulses to motivate oneself. The ESC motivated me anew.

Club Tour 2018 and future plans

Levina is planning to go on a club tour in 2018, performing at smaller, intimate venues. She will perform songs from her album Unexpected and new material, as she is currently working on musical compositions.

What is Levina’s motivation now?

I would like to share my music with even more people, I want to feel how the people react to my songs. It always goes on.

About Levina

Levina (born Isabella Levina Lueen, Bonn, 1991) is a German singer-songwriter and television host.

Born in Bonn and growing up in Chemnitz, Saxony, Levina started singing and playing the piano at a young age. She won various regional and national music competitions. While studying at London’s King’s College Levina was the frontwoman of the band Miss Terry Blue.

Levina’s mainstream breakthrough came in February 2017, when she won the German selection for Eurovision, Unser Song 2017. Thus representing Germany at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine, Levina and her entry Perfect life eventually reached a 25th place in the Grand Final, earning 6 points.

Levina has released her debut album Unexpected, and is one of the hosts of the show PopXport. Diligently working on her musical career, Levina is also completing her studies in London, dividing her time between the United Kingdom and Germany.

Enjoy Levina performing Perfect life at the Grand Final of Eurovision 2017:

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