Live: Second eliminaton round in Germany

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The second elimination round of Unser Star für Oslo, the German performer selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is about to be held. Eight acts will compete and the bottom two in the televoting will be eliminated from the competition.

How to watch?

There will be no official webcast, but all performances will appear on the official website shortly after the show. A full live report will be provided here on

Pro 7 is available on satellite. You can find detailed information on how to receive the channel here.

The participants

  1. Katrin Walter
  2. Sharyhan Osman
  3. Cyril Krueger
  4. Jennifer Braun
  5. Christian Durstewitz
  6. Lena Meyer-Landrut
  7. Kerstin Freking
  8. Leon Taylor


The show has started.

The hosts welcome the audience to the fourth edition of Unser Star für Oslo. The jury is introduced and as always, head judge and creator of the programme Stefan Raab is first on stage. He says that he is not thinking about the Eurovision Song Contest itself yet but only focuses on the national selection at this point. The two guest judges are Cassandra Steen and Sasha. Cassandra Steen is announced as "the German voice of the hits". She had her breakthrough as a member of Glashaus, the band who supported Sabrina Setlur in the 2004 German national final. She also competed in Stefan Raab's Bundesvision Song Contest last year. Sasha has been a successful singer since 1998. He was also known as "Dick Brave" performing 1950s and 1060s rock and roll music.

Cassandra Steen now talks abou her experience with Ne-Yo with whom she has recently recorded a song. Sasha is being aked if a musician has to be able to perform songs in many different styles as he himself has performed songs in various different genres.

Now it is time for the performers.

1. Katrin Walter

Katrin performs Love song by Sara Bareilles.

Katrin chose a more energetic song this time and it was obviously a good choice. She delivers a very strong performance with falwless vocals (it has to be considered that there are no backing vocalists!) and the simple performance and the sweet outfit paint a complete picture on stage. This was definitely her most outstanding performance so far.

Stefan Raab says that the vocal performance was almost perfect. He thinks that the songs suits her and he agrees with the choice of a more energetic song.

Cassandra Steen agress with Stefan Raab and she says that it was a great performance.

Sasha said that unlike in the previous shows, she went for passion over perfection.

Commercial break now.

2. Sharyhan Osman

Sharyhan performs the jazz/swing standard Is you or is you ain't my baby.

Sharyhan decided not to perform an own composition tonight but instead went for a 1940s classic. Despite being completely different from her song last week, she wears the style as if it were tailor made. The strong vocal performance, the cool stage performance and the charming outfit may well help her get over the unlucky number two in the draw.

Cassandra Steen says that she is very impressed.

Sasha considers the choice of song bold as probably a modern pop song will compete in Oslo.

Stefan Raab says that the performance was professional and excellent. He still says that the style of her previous song suited her better.

3. Cyril Krueger

Cyril performs Beautiful day by U2.

Once again, Cyril manages to show that he is a talented vocalist although the switching between the more powerful and more calm parts of the song does not always work perfectly. Still a strong performance, although it might be not as outstanding as last week's.

Sasha says that it was very powerful but he thinks that the choice of song was wrong. He should rather choose more soft rock songs as by Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi.

Cassandra Steen also says that the choice of song was wrong as his voice went up and down like on a roller coaster.

Stefan Raab says that Cyril sung the song very well despite some minor faults. He also liked the attitude.

4. Jennifer Braun

Jennifer performs I'm with you by Avril Lavigne.

Jennifer performs a ballad for the first time. The vocals are a bit shaky during some parts of the song and she sings it in a a bit more hectic way than Avril Lavigne. Nevertheless, Jennifer has found her style and she knows which songs suit her. It also has to be considered that she is the youngest performer competing.

Stefan Raab could hardly find any faults and he likes the choice of song after two up-tempo songs.

Cassandra Steen says that Jennifer was very nervous at the beginning and that she should be more confident as she does have the potential.

Sasha says that it was great and he says that excitement can help to deliver a great performance.

Commercial break now.

5. Christian Durstewitz

Christian performs Another night, an own composition.

Chrisitian performs an own composition, and surprisingly it's a ballad. The faster songs seem to be better for him as his voice sounds a bit squeaking during the chorus of this slower song, which also does not allow him to show his qualities as an entertainer. Still the choice of something different should make sure that his usual style does not get boring.

Cassandra Steen says that it was great and that she enjoyed listening to him.

Sasha says that it is a great song which gave him goose bumps.

Stefan Raab says that he was emotionally touched by the song.

6. Lena Meyer-Landrut

Lena performs Foundations by Kate Nash.

Hot favourite Lena performs a slightly more famous song this week. She is singing, she is acting and she is dancing and she is doing all that with a confidence that makes it hard to believe that she is a newcomer. The performance is as charming as ever and it would be a major surprise if she didn't make the next round.

Stefan Raab says that she is unique and he says that she has a perfect phonetic English.

Cassandra Steen says that she would call her Snow White and she is impressed that some one could remember all the lyrics in such a perfect way.

Sasha says that she sets people in a good mood and he considers her performance very entertaining. He also likes that she understands what she is singing.

Commercial break now.

7. Kerstin Freking

Kerstin perform Thank you by Alanis Morissette.

Kerstin performs the song in a completely different way than Alanis Morissette does as her interpretation is more soft and melancholic. Kerstin really knows which songs to pick and although she has been considered an act likely to be eliminated this week she could well qualify for the next round. The voice is a bit flat at some points but generally it is a strong performance.

Stefan Raab is enthusiastic about the performance and he says that she knows to pick her songs and outfits. He also says that her vocals were almost flawless and he highlights the special features of her voice.

Cassandra Steen says that she sang the song like an angel. She also says that it is amazing that Kerstin can impress just with her voice.

Sasha says that it was great and he hopes that she will go far in the competition.

8. Leon Taylor

Leon performs Are you gonna go my way by Lenny Kravitz.

For the first time, Leon performs a song in English. The more energetic style seems to suit him as well although his voice seems to have a higher recognition value when he performs ballads. A very strong and passionate performance by the contestant who was expected to become the master of the ballads.

Sasha says that Leon obviously enjoyed the performance. He likes that the singer did not try to impersonate the original artists but instead performed an own version.

Stefan Raab says that it was a great performance in general.

Cassandra Steen compares him to James Brown and she enjoyed the performance.

The jury now tells their favourites:

Cassandra Steen: Best -/- — Worst – Cyril, Jennifer

Sasha: Best – Katrin, Christian — Worst -/-

Stefan Raab: Best – Christian, Lena, Kerstin — Worst – Sharyhan

A recap is shown with all eight performances.

The results are about to come in.

Kerstin Freking to the next round!

Leon Taylor to the next round!

Lena Meyer-Landrut to the next round!

Sharyhan Osman to the next round!

Christian Durstewitz to the next round!

Jennifer Braun to the next round!

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