“French eurofans are angry”

by Dominique Dufaut 127 views

Following the announcement of the artist who will represent France in Oslo, members of the OGAE France were asked by Télé Loisirs' journalist Gaëlle Placek to give their opinion. A letter – which is presented as a synthetis of individual reactions – was sent and published on the magazine's website.

First of all, French eurofans point out the fact that the artist is unknown to the general public, which will make it difficult to reach big audience figures. "Last year, we were happy as France 3 – at last! – understood they need a famous and experienced artist. As a result, France was back in the Top 10 and viewing figures were excellent (32%). France 3 was very proud of the success". "Last month, (more than) rumours had it that Christophe Willem – with or without David Guetta – would be this year's entrant. This was the continuation of the "famous artists" process. So why someone nearly unknown? With more than certainly a bad audience".

Eurofans also stress that the idea of promoting the song as "a summer hit referring to the World football cup" is ridiculous, if not scandalous. "Eurovision is kind of sacrified for the promotion of another event, which should not be allowed from a public channel".Many fans are upset to hear that "France is not willing to win the contest and makes everything to reach that non-goal!". "We had tough years, –fans recall-, next to last in 1998, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007, between 15 and 19th places in 1999, 2003, 2004 and 2008, that's enough".

Still, the letter ends with the following thoughts: "We don't want to blame the chosen artist and his song before we listen to it. Some of us even remain optimistic, claiming that France will attract attention and that the present controversy makes people talk and write about Eurovision".

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