Belgium: Loïc Nottet performs in Concert for Tolerance in Morocco

by Eleanor Cooper 711 views

The Belgian representative from Eurovision 2015, Loïc Nottet, performed at a charity concert in Morocco last Saturday.

Every year, the Moroccan city of Agadir hosts a Concert for Tolerance (Concert de la Tolérance) on the northern end of the beach in October. The concert has a diverse programme of DJs, electro artists and local rappers, and has proven to be wildly popular with tourists and young locals alike.

Although relatively unknown in Morocco, Loïc Nottet delivered his emotions and melodies during a performance held at the Concert for Tolerance in Agadir last Saturday.

A video interview with Loïc about the event can be viewed below (in French).

Nottet at Eurovision 2015

Loïc Nottet represented Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song Rhythm inside. He finished in fourth place with 217 points.