Slovenia: All the details of EMA 2010

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The Slovenian Eurovision Song Contest pre-selection will take place this weekend, with the semi final being held on Saturday 20th and the final on Sunday 21st. Find out all you need to know about the shows in this article.

Last Sunday, the last couple of songs, namely the seven pre-qualified finalists, were presented on the Slovenian television show Spet doma. Due to the fact that all songs competing at this year's EMA are already being played on the radio, the artists presented the full versions of their songs.

2) Nusa Derenda – Sanjajva

4) Tangels – Kaj in kam

6) Anastazija Juvan – Nezna izpod prstov

no video available

8) Hamo in Gal – Crni konji cez nebo

10) Stereotipi – Daj mi en znak

no video available

12) Vlado Pilja – Tudi fantje jocejo

14) Lea Sirk – Vampir je moj poet

As a reminder, these are the 14 songs competing in the semi final:

1) Sara Kobold – Od tod do vecnosti

2) Brigita Suler – Para me

3) Nina Puslar – Dez

4) Langa – Roko mi daj

5) Sasa Zamernik – Zivim za zdaj

6) Ylenia Zobec – Priznam

7) Vaso & D Plejbeks – Gremo na emo

8) Martina Sraj – Dovolj ljubezni

9) Marko Vozelj – Moj si zrak

10) Petra Pecovnik – Iz navade

11) Martina Feri in Tomaz Nedoh – Le en dan

12) Zadnji taxi – Franjo

13) Manca Spik – Tukaj sem doma

14) Ansambel Roka Zlindre & Kalamari – Narodno zabavni rock

  • Returning artists

Para me is Brigita Suler's third consecutive participation at EMA. In 2008, she came third with Samara and in 2009, she placed equal 13th, therefore last, in the final with Druga liga. This time, her song is written by Mihael Hercog and his fiancée Sasa Lendero, one of Slovenia's most popular singers, who had entered EMA as an artist on two occasions already placing 2nd both times, namely in 2005 with Metulj and in 2006 with Mandoline.Roko mi daj, the second song written by Mihael Hercog and Sasa Lendero, is Langa's third attempt to represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2008, they placed second with Za svobodo divjega srca. In 2009, they teamed up with Manca Spik and won the televoting with their song Zaigraj muzikant but placed 2nd overall again.

Ylenia Zobec is no stranger to EMA either, already having participated in 2004, 2006 and 2008. Priznam will be her 4th entry at EMA.

Manca Spik is competing at EMA for the third consecutive time. She came 9th at EMA 2008 with Se vedno nekaj cutim and placedfifth last year together with Langa with the song Zaigraj muzikant, which won the televoting but received nil points from the jury. Her song this year, Tukaj sem doma, is composed by Andrej Babic, who has won the Slovenian national final two times so far, namely in 2007 and 2009.

Nusa Derenda represented Slovenia in the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, achieving 7th place with Energy, which still remains the best placing for the country so far, together with Darja Svajger's 7th place with Prisluhni mi back in 1995. After 2001, Nusa tried to win EMA again in 2003 and 2005. This year, she will be trying to represent Slovenia once more at the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Sanjajva, written by another popular Slovenian artist, Neisha.

  • Interval acts in the semi final, to be held on February 20th:

Regina, last year's representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who came 9th in the Eurovision Song Contest final with their song Bistra voda, receiving maximum 12 points from Slovenia.

Rebeka Dremelj, Slovenia's Eurovision representative in 2008, who came 11th in the second semi final with Vrag naj vzame.

Natalija Verboten, who partipated in EMA on two occasions so far: In 2006 she came sixth with SOS and in 2004 she won the televoting with Cry on my shoulder but ended up in fourth place overall, due to not receiving any points from the jury.

Eva Cerne, three times EMA participant: In 2009 she came 11th with Vse, in 2008 fifth with Dovolj and in 2007 second with Cudezi smehljaja.

  • Interval acts in the final, to be held February 21st:

Alexander Rybak, winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, who will once again be performing his winning song Fairytale, as well as his new single Europe's skies.

Omar Naber, who represented Slovenia in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with Stop, coming 12th in the semi final. In 2009, he reached 2nd place in EMA with I still carry on.

Sasa Lendero, who came 2nd in EMA on two occasions: in 2005 with Metulj and in 2006 with Mandoline, the runaway winner of televoting. This year, she is taking part in EMA as a songwriter for Brigita Suler and Langa. Her guest appearance in EMA will also be her come back as a singer after giving birth to her daughter Aria last year.

Quartissimo, who represented Slovenia in last year's Eurovision Song Contest with Love symphony, coming 16th in the second semi final thus failing to qualify for the final.

  • Important rules:

Whoever will the Slovenian ticket to Oslo, the song will remain in Slovenian language at the Eurovision Song Contest.

After 50% jury voting in 2009, the 2010 winner of EMA will be decided by 100% televoting again, as a response to the controversycaused byjury voting on EMA in previous years.

Out of 14 acts competing in the semi final, seven of them will make it to the final, where they will fight with the seven pre-qualified finalists for the honour of representing Slovenia in this year's Eurovision Song Contest.