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Jova Radevska will be performing in the second semi final of Skopje Fest, the Macedonian preselection to determine their representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, on February 19th. Find out more about this talented young singer in the interview she has kindly given to

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and introduce yourself as a musician and as a person.

I was born and grew up in Macedonia. After finishing high school I went to England to gain some life experiences and ended up going to a music school where I met a couple of people and we ended up making the album Hourglass Diary. One of the earlier songs Be happy was sent to Ken Rose to mix it. My voice has left an impression on him but didn't get to meet me 'til a few years later as he lived in Germany at that time (he has since relocated to the UK). We started working on songs in English, but quickly switched to Macedonian as we felt that there are a lot of feelings from Macedonia that were uniquely expressed when singing in Macedonian. That is how I came back to my roots.

After a 10th place in 2008 with the song Jas sum ovde, Se ushte cekame will be your second entry at Skopje Fest. What made you decide to give it another try?

I haven't had the chance to do a lot musically in Macedonian, for me Skopje Fest is an opportunity to present something new in my native language. If it was selected to represent Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest, of course it would be my honour to do so.

Judging from the available snippet of Se ushte cekame, your new song is a silent, unobtrusive ballad, typical of the usual style of your music. What is the song about and how would you describe it, as far as the genre is concerned?

The song has got an alternative feel to it and it is about all the things we wait for in a lifetime.

Can you already tell us how your performance at Skopje Fest is going to look like?

I would have loved to get a band on stage with me. As I was not able to make it in Macedonia early enough to get a band together it seems I'll do it alone again. Either way the power of the song will remain.

What are your expectations for the outcome of this year’s competition? In your view, who has the biggest chances to win and why? How far do you think you can go?

I have not heard any of the songs in full, the snippets of the choruses are just a fraction of what the songs will bring. I will do my best as always, then it is up to the public to decide.

What would it mean to you to represent your country at the Eurovision Song Contest? Is it a goal you intend on achieving at some point in your life, or is it not that important to you? Would you consider yourself to be a fan of Eurovision? Have you been following it throughout the years? Are there some songs you are still fond of?

It would be my honour to represent Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest if selected.It would be great if it happens and if it doesn't, it is ok too.
When growing up in Macedonia I was a fan and used to follow Eurovision like everyone else in the country. Although in the last few years its reputation has been shaken up as to the way the voting has been delivered, the tradition will never die I don't think. There have been some hits through the years, Jonny Logan, Celine Dion, Abba's songs.

In your opinion, what are the reasons that Macedonia hasn’t done so well in the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years? Do you think you could achieve a decent placing for your country?

I would like to think I can achieve a decent placing for Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest.
As to why it has not done so well in the recent years, it is pretty much debatable, maybe Europe was not too fond of the song or maybe it's down to other reasons entirely, hard to pinpoint.

In your debut album Hourglass Diary, whose style probably could be described as modern folk, you are singing entirely in English language. You sound very comfortable singing in English- probably due to the fact that you are based in London- and the whole music seems to be coming naturally, like a creative river straight from your heart. Please elaborate on the process of writing your songs, as well as your common topics and what kind of sentiments you would like to transmit your listeners. Generally speaking, which language do you prefer singing in, English or Macedonian?

Whatever I work on I put my heart in it. Life brings various experiences and I draw inspiration from them.
Lately I have been working with the American producer Ken Rose, predominantly on material in Macedonian, he firmly believes that there is something special when I sing in my native language. We throw ideas around and songs start to take shape.
I love singing in both languages, Macedonian and English, and I can happily say I have had positive feedback in both.

Your music is quite different to the majority of Macedonian music. Where do you see yourself in the Macedonian music scene and what goals would like to achieve? Do you have some musical projects in mind you will be pursuing in the future?

I would love to release an album in Macedonian, half of it is almost done and I am looking for sponsorship/business partner for support in order to complete it and deliver it on the Macedonian market. Someone whose values match mine and my work.
It is awesome that an American songwriter with international success is interested in making a record with me in Macedonian. After all, my goal is a long term relationship with my fans. After that new English album will follow.

Finally, would you like to send a message to the readers of

I will be performing Se uste cekame on the 19th of Feb. Place your vote if you like the song 🙂
I also have an awesome new website you can visit
Love and peace to all! would like to thank Jova Radevska for taking the time to do this interview and wish her the best of luck for the 2nd semi final of Skopje Fest, to be held on February 19th.

Snippets of the songs participating in the 2nd semi final of Skopje Fest:

Jova performing Jas sum ovde at Skopje Fest 2008, coming 10th:

Jova performing Se raduvam i taguvam at Ohrid Fest 2008:


Here and gone

Little bird

Growing pains

How lovely you are

Let me down

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