“It will be Emmanuel Moire or Jessy Matador”

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According to Télé Loisirs, the final choice for chance will be between Emmanuel Moire and Jessy Matador. In the coming days we will find out who will represent France in Eurovision 2010.

After Christophe Willem refused the proposal (and Julie Zenatti too, the website writes), a battle between the teams of Jessy Matador and Emmanuel Moire is presently on its way.

Between 2004 and 2007, Emmanuel Moire, born in 1979, portrayed Louis XIV as a member of the cast in the successful musical Le Roi Soleil. Emmanuel is an eclectic artist. He sings and plays the piano, with a hundred tunes to his credit.

Emmanuel Moire released his first solo album, titled Là où je pars, on November 2006. The first single was Le Sourire. With British pop influences, the first album paid special attention to the melodies even more than the emotions. His second album, titled L'Équilibre was released in April 2009, and includes songs such as Adulte et Sexy and Sans dire un mot, which have been made into music videos recently. Sois tranquille is a very personal song for the artist. Emmanuel Moire represented France at the 2007 Sopot Festival in Poland performing his song Ça ma fait du bien. He came in second place, losing to the Polish band Feel.

Je fais de toi mon essentiel (from Le Roi Soleil)


Adulte et sexy

Jessy Matad'Or is an artist born in Congo. He did his debut as a dancer in the group Les Coeurs Brisés (broken hearts), playing in Congo, Europe and North America.

In 2005, he gave birth to his own group, under the name of La Selesao, made of 5 dancers with a special concept entitled Show Kanawa. It is referring to a special dance in which you move your pelvis and you show off as much as possible!

The band played as opening of the Magic System, another group, especially in the Parisian concert hall Le Bataclan.

Jessy Matador's got a first success during the Summer of 2008 with the song Décalé Gwada.

It is said that France Télévisions would like to see beyond Eurovision itself and make a hit of the song of Jessy Matador to coincide with next World Football Cup to be held in South Africa and for which France Télévisions got the rights of some of the matches. This would be a summer hit, people fighting for Jessy say.

But others don't share this opinion and think Matador's style doesn't fit at all Eurovision, which would reduce France's chances to score well.

The final answer will be given within a few days.

An article by Dominique Dufaut