The Netherlands: Radio support for Sieneke

by René Romkes 56 views

After huge criticism from press and fans on this year's Dutch eurovision entry Ik ben verliefd – Shalalie, all regional radio stations in Holland decided to support the song by playing it simultaneously next Thursday at 11:15 am. At the same time Ik ben verliefd – Shalalie makes an impressive debut this week in the Dutch charts.

As reported already, the Dutch national finalended up with two acts in tie position. When the composer of the song, Pierre Kartner,was asked to make the final decision, he wanted to decide the winner by flipping a coin. When it turned out this was against the rules, Pierre finally chose for Sieneke's version of the song. All of this led tomajor criticism to the composer, the singer and broadcaster.

An enormous majority of Dutch press and fanshave nohigh hopes for this year's Dutch entry. They fear the song is "too old fashioned" for the Eurovision Song Contest and they blame broadcaster TROS for choosing 74 year old Kartner to be the exclusive composer of the Dutch song. Evenformer Eurovision winner, Johnny Logan, stated that the song probably won't stand a chance: "The song just isn't strong enough; I'm afraid ithas no appeal at all to European voters.The Dutch can do so much better than this. About the voting: I was horrified when Pierre wanted to decide the winner by flipping a coin; we're talking about lifes here!".

The regional radio stations think it's time nowfor a different sound. According to a spokesman of RTV Oost there has been enough negative publicity: "It's time to show our support for Sieneke!" Therefore, thebroadcaster opened a guestbook where people can leave a message for Sieneke. ( The initiative is supported by former Dutch representative Marga Bult.

Despite all the negativity, Ik ben verliefd – Shalalie entered the Dutch single charts this week at no. 13, and reached the first spot on the iTunes charts already.

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