Armenia: Sirusho releases video for her new single Huh-Hah

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One of the most successful Armenian singers and representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, Sirusho, sees the release of her new music video for her new single Huh-hah. The song is the latest single of her fifth personal album Armat (Root), released in October 2016

An anthem to the Armenian people

Huh-hah is a dancing and energetic song, which highlights elements of the rich Armenian history and culture. During the entire video, Sirusho and the chorus accompanying her are dressed in traditional Armenian costumes. However, this old-inspired look of the protagonists stays contemporary, as it provides a fresh look at the older ages.

The song has both Armenian and English lyrics and combines both intense and more calm vocals by Sirusho. With her song, she tries to revive the old Armenian soul and urge Armenians to stay united and strong.

Huh-hah can be described as a journey in time; even if someone isn’t related or knowledgeable in the Armenian culture and history, he may have a sufficient sense via this 3-minute video.

The video premiered yesterday on the singer’s VEVO account on YouTube and is also available on Spotify and iTunes.

Great things in the making

Sirusho is now going to give two big concerts; one in Europe and one in Australia. Via a post on her Instagram account, she informs her fans about her concert in Paris on 4 November and about her upcoming long trip to Sydney for her performance on 17 December.

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Would it be a good idea for Sirusho to come back to Eurovision 10 years after her success in Belgrade?