A very first novel by Viktor Lazlo

by Dominique Dufaut 111 views

Last week, the very first novel written by Viktor Lazlo (real name Sonia Dronier) was published in French-speaking territories, on Albin Michel editions.

The 1987 Eurovision hostess began her singing career back in 1985 with the release of a first album, She, out of which two songs reached success in France: Canoë Rose and pleurer des rivières (a French version of Cry me a river).Her second CD was recorded in English and released in many European countries two years after. It includes Breathless, the song she performed as the opening theme of the Eurovision Song Contest in Brussels.

Over the years, Viktor Lazlo – who will turn 50 next October – recorded several CD albums, without reaching any very big hit. Meanwhile, she began working as an actress, mainly for TV series, such as Navarro, a police drama which is very popular in France.Her novel, entitled La femme qui pleure (The woman who cries), presently receives good reviews and is presented as a "surprising and dark" history of a woman getting crazy for the man she loves.

"Writing is not a new occupation for me", Viktor Lazlo declares, in an interview made by Frédéric Seront, for Belgian paper La Dernière Heure. "I'm writing since I was 12. It's like a daily breathe. Some ten years ago, I wanted to know if my work was litterature or a simple private hobby. I got in touch with an editor and he told me I had some style. I was convinced to give it when asked by a journalist who wanted to write a biography on me. I refused but let him read my lines and he loved them".