Bulgaria: Miro presents the five possible entries

by Edward Montebello 94 views

Tonight five songs performed by the internal selected Bulgarian representative Miro Kostadinov were presented in a special show hosted by Dragomir Draganov and broadcasted on BNT.

The five entries will continue to be previewed and heard on TV and radio respectively for three full weeks and then on 28th February the national final that determines the selection of the Bulgarian entry will take place in Sofia.

The public will select the song that Miro will sing in the second semi-final by tele-voting and sms-voting. This year BNT used an internal selection for the very first time following an unsuccessful participation last year when Krassimir Avramov ended with just seven points and placed sixteenth in the first semi-final.

Below you can listen to the five entries that are competing in the Bulgarian selection



Moyat Pogled V Teb


Twist and Tango


Angel Si Ti (You Are Angel)


Ostani (Stay)


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