EBU: DR’s entertainment director becomes a Reference Group member

by Stratos Agadellis 683 views

Exciting news coming in from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)! After Noel Curran became the EBU Director General a couple of weeks ago, another important person from a broadcaster joins the Eurovision project.

The entertainment manager of the Danish national broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR)Jan Lagermand Lundme has now gladly accepted a proposal from the Executive Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest Jon Ola Sand to get involved with the Reference Group of the contest. Having made a career over 30 years, the experienced man is ready to offer his willingness and knowledge to contribute to the development of the competition.

Obviously excited by the proposal, the Danish man stated:

I almost fell down from the chair of excitement and awe. And of course I thanked Jon Ola Sand right away. You do not have to think about such an offer.

Jan Lagermand Lundme was one of the most prominent figures in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, as he had been appointed the position of the Head of Show. As an entertainment director in DR, he contributed a lot to the introduction of the X-Factor show to the Danish audience. Via his work and effort, the show is going to air for the 11th year in Denmark.

When it comes to his aspirations for Lisbon 2018 and onwards, first of all he pointed out how necessary it is for Eurovision to stay away from any form of political content. He was categorical that the contest’s role is to unite the European nations, which was, moreover, the reason for its creation after World War II.

He also stated that he is desirous of bringing elements from X-Factor to Eurovision and these are the emotions and impressions that each participant and host country could exhale.

Here at ESCToday, we wish all the best to Jan for his new job! We are sure that he will leave his own mark at Eurovision!