Belgium: Meet Belgium’s 2018 Eurovision participant, Laura Groeseneken!

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Yesterday evening, the 2018 Eurovision season really kicked off with the first official artist presentation: upcoming singer-songwriter Laura Groeseneken from Belgium. Performing in various styles, and using various aliases, Laura is truly a versatile artist with many faces – and voices.

Yesterday evening in the popular TV-show Van Gils & Gasten (Van Gils & Guests), Flemish Belgian broadcaster VRT revealed that young artist Laura Groeseneken will represent Belgium at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal:

Laura Groeseneken stated that her favourite song of the past few years is 1944 by Jamala, and she also performed Love for both, an English version of Amar pelos dois by Salvador Sobral:

Perhaps a newcomer to the main spotlight, Laura has nevertheless been working diligently on her musical career, collaborating with some of Belgium’s popular artists.

Born in 1990 in the city of Leuven (or Louvain), the creative Laura Groeseneken is also a graphic designer and works as a visual merchandiser at IKEA, besides being a vocal coach at music center Het Depot in Leuven.

Apart from being a vocalist, Laura plays the melodica, piano and keyboard. Her musical career has had several angles:

Addicted Kru Sound and Lola

Under the nickname Lola, Laura Groeseneken has collaborated with the dubstep and electropop DJ-collective AKS (Addicted Kru Sound), delivering vocals for some of their compositions.

The group has also worked with popular Belgian artist Selah Sue, and created an official remix for singer Jamie Lidell. As AKS & Lola, their first single Give it back was released in 2011:

007, Ozark Henry and Hooverphonic

Laura Groeseneken made her first major public performance at 007 In Concert, at which she performed Tomorrow never dies in honour of the 50th anniversary of the James Bond-franchise.

Since 2014, Laura is a regular vocalist and keyboard player in the band of well-known Belgian musician Ozark Henry (Piet Goddaer), impressing the audience with her powerful voice. And together with Alex Callier of the popular band Hooverphonic she wrote the song Gravity:


Lately, Laura Groeseneken has been working on her solo career, using the stage name Sennek:

Eurovision 2018

Perhaps the biggest step in Laura Groeseneken’s career, the young artist will represent Belgium at Eurovision 2018, coming May. It is as yet unclear if she will perform as Laura, Sennek, or even as Lola – it all depends on the style of song she will choose to perform in Lisbon.

However, this musical chameleon is focussing on the music, for the time being taking a step back from interviews and the press. Laura Groeseneken will use all her musical creativity to deliver the perfect Eurovision entry in Lisbon!