Results: Four acts qualified in Slovakia

by Marcus Klier 75 views

The fifth out of six quarter finals of Eurosong 2010, the Slovak national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest was held tonight. Out of ten competing acts, four participants qualified for one of the semi finals on 14th and 21st February.

The following acts qualified tonight:

  • Kristina Horehronie
    (Martin Kavuli�/Kamil Peteraj)
  • Smola a hruškyPridaj si ma
  • Robert MiklaVoda a oheÅ�
    (Milan Herstek/Milan Herstek, Robert Mikla)
  • Dáška KostovÄ�ikDážÄ�
    (Peter Bi�/Stanislav Lauro, Peter Bi�)

Complete SMS voting results:

  1. Kristína – Horehronie – 36,7%
  2. Smola a hrušky – Pridaj si ma – 12,1%
  3. Robert Mikla – Voda a oheÅ� – 12,0%
  4. Dáška KostovÄ�ik & Peter BiÄ� Project – DážÄ� – 11,6%
  5. Sunlips – Správy v splne – 11,5%
  6. Arzén – KeÄ� som išiel zaránky – 5,7%
  7. Exponent – Zveste lásku z kríža – 4,5%
  8. Bystrík – Slnko nespáli – 2,7%
  9. Vierka Ayisi – Je Ä�as sa zabávaÅ¥ – 2,2%
  10. Marcel Berky – Kým sa dá – 1,1% poll results

The poll voters agreed with the voters in the quarter final. Runaway poll winner Kristina, who achieved remarkable 69.2% of the votes, also won the SMS voting. Poll runner-up Dáška KostovÄ�ik & Peter BiÄ� Project (7.7%) also qualified for the final as did equal third Smola a hrušky (5.8%). On the other hand, Robert Mikla had finished equal last in the poll not getting a single vote.

In 2009, Slovakia returned to the Eurovision Song Contest after eleven years and was represented by Kamil Miculcik and Nela Pocisková with the song Let' tmou. The duo finished 18th in the second semi final thus not qualifying for the final.