One for Kari Tapio, Rybak beaten by Tokio Hotel

by Dominique Dufaut 290 views

Yesterday, the Emma Gaala (Finnish Grammies) 2010 took place in Finland. From music for children to metal, classic, ethnic and pop, many prizes were awarded.

A few Eurovision connected artists were nominated, including Alexander Rybak, in the “foreign” category. The 2009 Eurovision winner didn’t get the prize, which came to German group Tokio Hotel.1980 Finnish entrant Vesa-Matti Loiri was nominated three times for his 30th album, but didn’t receive a trophy. Paula Koivuniemi – who tried her luck several times at Euroviisut – had two nominations, in the same category, “Finnish schlager” album (one for her personal CD, the only one as a member of group directed by former Ultra Bra’s composer, Kerkko Koskinen). By the way, the schlager album trophy was given to 65-year-old Kari Tapio, for his last to date CD, Viimeiseen pisaraan.Kari Tapio placed second behind Teräsbetoni at the 2008 Finnish selection, with Valaise yö.

Kari Tapio – Valaise yö