Germany: Lena Valaitis talks about her joy of living

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German singer Lena Valaitis, who represented her country at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest, is still going strong at age 74.

Lena Valaitis recently gave an interview to German magazine Liebenswert. The German-Lithuanian star talked about her life, love, loss, finding balance and happiness on a daily basis.

What makes you really happy?

To be in nature! I like walking in the morning. When the birds chirp, and the sun breaks through the branches, it is something wonderful! Then I walk really fast and I am very grateful that I can still hear, see and move so well!

What do you do for this positive, dynamic charisma?

It is certainly also a matter of one’s attitude toward life, but it doesn’t come for free. Getting a clear perspective is sure to keep aging at bay a bit. I do power walking, gymnastics every two days with moving and stretching, and a little bit of yoga. I eat a lot of vegetables, fish, a bit of poultry – and I love potatoes with cottage cheese. The rest I always smear on my face.

How do you feel towards beauty operations?

For me this is an absolute no-go! Also, I would never consider Botox. It is poison, how can one do it? I have enough examples around me, in my industry, and I do not like what I see there! I have my fringe – that is my Botox.

Lena Valaitis’ second husband, actor and director Horst Jüssen, passed away in 2008. The couple had been married since 1979.

Your husband died in 2008. How do you deal with sadness?

There are moments, when it is very important that you allow the grief. Not too long, then you have to fight it. Then I do something, call a girlfriend, go to the cinema and distract myself with really superficial stuff. But that helps very well.

How can a man impress you?

With humor! Nothing is as winning as clever jokes and puns – I am very receptive to that. I like to flirt, but that’s allowed and nice!

To fall in love again – would that be something for you?

Horst is so present, I can’t imagine getting close to another man. There is not even the desire to – I am not missing anything! I have a beautiful, very rich life.

Read the interview in German here


Schlagersängerin Lena Valaitis genießt heute ihr Leben in vollen Zügen.

Lena Valaitis (born Anelė Luise Valaitytė, Klaipėda, Lithuania – formerly Memel in East-Prussia, Germany -, 1943) is a German-Lithuanian singer, most prominetly in the popular German Schlager-music.

She already participated in the German selection for Eurovision in 1976, before actually representing her country at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland. With her song Johnny Blue, composed and written by Bernd Meinunger and Ralph Siegel, she reached an honourable 2nd place, earning 132 points, missing out on the victory by 4 points – the winners being the United Kingdoms’ Bucks Fizz with Making your mind up, with 136 points. Johnny Blue became a Eurovision evergreen.

Lena Valaitis continued to be a well-known artist within the Schlager-scene. She recently participated in the tour Schlagerlegenden (“Schlager Legends”), together with Schlager- and Eurovision stars such as Mary Roos and Ireen Sheer, and is working on new musical material, as well as possible TV-performances.

Privately, the artist lives in Munich, and has two sons: Marco (from her first marriage to industrialist Robert Wiedmann) and Don (with her second husband, Horst Jüssen).

For more information, please visit Lena Valaitis’ official website

Enjoy Lena Valaitis performing Johnny Blue during Eurovision 1981.


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