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In anticipation of the final of Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2010, Iceland's pre-selection to determine the country's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, will be providing you with interviews of all six participants competing for the honour of representing Iceland in Oslo. The national final will be held this Saturday, February 6th and our series of interviews kicks off with Jógvan Hansen. Find out what he had to say below.

Congratulations on qualifying to the final of Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2010. You are from Faroe Islands, which have close ties with Iceland. If you were to represent Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest, what would that mean to you personally?

I grew up on an Island that is only 96 km2 in the Faroes. Coming to Iceland was a big change to me. Being able to represent these both contries would be the greatest honor I could achieve.

You are the winner of the first ever Icelandic version of The X- Factor. Back in 2007, you won the competition by a mile with 70% of the votes. Tell us a little bit more about this experience and how you won the hearts of so many people in Iceland.

I never wanted to go on TV to compete. But the second runner up, Hara-sister signed me on against my will. I do not regret that today. It was a big and great achievementon the music scene here in Iceland. The only experience that can beat that is being able to go to Oslo in May.

Besides being a very active musician, you are also working as a hairstylist. If you had to choose, which of those two careers would you prefer?

That’s easy. MUSIC, it’s my soul.

Back to your bid for the Eurovision Song Contest: What is your song One more day about? Can you relate to its’ message

It kind of says its self. One more day, a moment everyone can relate to. That’s the beauty about this lyric. It’s written for every man and woman in the world.

Your song has been written by two experienced song-writers, namely the hugely successful singer Bubbi Morthens and Óskar Páll Sveinsson, the man behind Is It True, which Yohanna scored 2nd place for Iceland at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with. Does that fact put any extra pressure on you to become her successor?

No, I can’t say that. These are two different songs. I’m not trying to take Jóhanna’s place. She deserved it. Now im trying to deserve mine. But I do say that it’s a privilege to work with such good artists.

How are the preparations for your performance on Saturday going? Will there be any changes compared to your performance in the second semi final?

Yes there will be a couple of changes, and you will have to see it on Saturday on Im not going to expose it before then.

In your view, who will be the countries to beat in Eurovision?

I think the Scandinavian countries will be the hardest to beat. Because they usually have the best songs to my judgment. But we will see. I try to think about my own act before I make statements about other ones.

Last year, you released an album together with 2008 Icelandic representative Friðrik Ómar, interpreting classics from Iceland and Faroe Islands. Can you tell us a little bit more about this special project?

We switched songs. I gave him 10 pearls from the Faroe Islands and they were translated to Icelandic. He gave me 10 pearls from Iceland and they were translated into Faroese. So it was a double cd. Around the second week at Christmas we reached gold. After only two and a half month out on the market. The point of the whole project was to introduce the music to each other’s Islands. It was great that people accepted it so well. And we are very thankful.

What are your future musical plans after Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins?

Well I really don´t know. I hope that people like what I do and hope they give me the chance to be on stage some more years. I haven’t given it that much thought. Carpe Diem I say. Seize the moment. Let’s see what will happen on Saturday.

Finally, what message would you like to send out to our readers at

The moment I walk on that stage I do know that I'm in heaven. For that is were I want to be. My song is for you. And I do so much want to come to Oslo to sing. Let us all spread joy.

Jógvan would like to thank Jógvan Hansen for taking the time to this interview and wish him the best of luck for the Icelandic national final on Saturday.

Interview with Icelandic broadcaster RUV:

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Excerpts of Vinalög (Jógvan Hansen & Friðrik Ómar)

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