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Eighteen year-old singer Nicole Paparistodemou performs in the Cypriot national final on 7th February with the song Like a woman. Just before she starts rehearsing for the final, Nicole takes the opportunity to chat with She talks about working with Mike Connaris, how Like a woman was especially written to suite her style and compares her song with Styronger every minute , the Cypriot entry that finished fifth in the 2004 contest. Hi Nicole, thanks for taking the time to talk to esctoday. On the 7th February you will be competing in the Cypriot national final with your song Like a woman. What can you tell us about the song?

Nicole: The song is a beautiful ballad and completely my style of music. How did you get involved with this years national final in Cyprus?

Nicole: I was informed about the auditions that Mike Connaris was holding in London by my music teacher Christos Kyriakides. As soon as I heard the name Mike Connaris I thought this would be great opportunity should I be chosen. I attended the auditions and fortunately I was chosen to be Mike’s performer which I was absolutely thrilled about and even more so when I heard we were in the Final 10! Like a woman is written by renowned Eurovision composer Mike Connaris, who is responsible for one of the best results Cyprus has seen in the contest with Stonger every minute in 2004. Can you tell what it was like working with Mike and how does your song compare with Stronger every minute?

Nicole: Mike is a very nice person and of course made me feel very welcome. He has a good sense of humour which makes it very easy to work with him. When he chose me as his performer he had written the song to suit my style of singing which was great because I could absolutely relate to the song. Stronger every minute is a beautiful ballad but I would say it’s different to my song because Like a woman goes up a key in the duration of the song. In this years Cyprus final, their are a number of popular artists including Constantinos Christoforou, who has represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest on three occasions, as well as a number of singers who have become famous by appearing on X-Factor in Greece and Cyprus. Are you concerned that their fame or popularity might give them a strong advantage in the competition?

Nicole: Some people may see it as a concern but I don’t because we have to remember that Mike Connaris has given Cyprus one of the best results ever in Eurovision Song Contest and since Stronger every minute, Cyprus has not managed to gain a place in the final so hopefully people will see this and vote for number 10! What are you musical influences?

Nicole: My musical influences are pop and rock. I really like Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Evanescence. On Youtube we can find your fantastic interpretation of If I were a boy' Nicole, if you were a boy who would you be?

Nicole: I really like the song If I were a boy, but I could never imagine myself as a boy (haha). Can you tell me a little about your past experiences in music?

Nicole: I began singing lessons from 8 years old. I’ve been in many Song Contests in which I have won a lot of them. I’ve also being in the Cypriot final of Junior Eurovision. Can you tell me about this experience?

Nicole: When I was in the Junior Eurovision Final I was 13 years old and of course it was very exciting for me and definitely something new. It was a great experience and I made many new friends. What are your ambitions as a young artist embarking on a musical career and do you have plan to records an album?

Nicole: My plans first are to finish my studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston and if I get the opportunity to record an album then why not?! If I make it as an artist then that’s great! But I definitely want to have a degree in music as well. Do you have a favourite Eurovision Song Contest song?

Nicole: My favourite entries for Eurovision are last year’s entry for Iceland – Is it true, the winning song for 2009 – Fairytale and Mike Connaris' and Lisa Andreas'– Stronger every minute. Finally why do you think the people of Cyprus should vote for your song Like a woman on the 7th February.

Nicole: I think people should vote for Like a woman because it is a beautiful ballad and I’m sure will be liked by everyone. If a Mike Connaris song is chosen to represent Cyprus I believe not only will go to the final but I’m sure it will do very well! Nicole, may thank you for taking the time to talk with and may I wish you the best of luck in the Cypriot national final

To see Nicole's live rendition of If I were a boy, press below: