The new esctoday design

by Michalis Vranis 79 views

The multimedia team is proud to present you the new theme of the website. In the first day of February 2010, we decided to shift the design of the pages to something warm, friendly and passionate. And which colour can describe best all those but purple!

The 1st of February 2010 sounded a milstone day for us to take the decision and give a new outlook to The team has worked many a day to conclude to the final colours, shapes and various elements of the new design. Even though, all of the services of the site are working the same as before, soon you will get used to new changes and additions. is a growing website, followed by many visitors on regular dailybasis. Also it is run by fans, for the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. The design changesare being done in small steps, so please consider this first huge change as the Beta version of the final designa day before the official release of the final (GA) version. The multimedia and IT team will be following the comments and reactions to the new design throughout the day and act appropriately. is run by volunteers and is funded by the team working on the siteand generous donors. If you want to either be part of the biggest Eurovision team or be one of the proud sponsors or donators of, follow the links below respectively:

Fromthe bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all ofyou, who worked hard for this change, and we look forward to set new aims and challengesin the future.

The multimedia manager

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