Get to know the Spanish candidates for Eurovision / (and 5)

by Victor Hondal 73 views concludes today the series of articles devoted to the Spanish candidates for Eurovision. Over the past two weeks, we have been taking a look at a number of candidates wishing to represent their country next May in Oslo. Today, we invite you to know a little more about Calipop, Enrique Lemus, Jorge González, L'Femme, Libertad Fajardo, Lourdes Savarese, No life after love, Samuel & Patricia and Yanira Figueroa. As usual, a short bio of them, as well as their songs and links to vote for them on the RTVE official website are provided.

Calipop – Luces de colores (Multi-coloured lights)

The indie group Calipop debuted at the Spanish preselections last year, when they entered the song Burbuja to Eurovisión 2009: El Retorno and reached the semifinals. This year, they bid to represent Spain in Eurovision with the song Luces de colores.

You can vote for Calipop here .

Enrique Lemus – Vanesa no era para mí (Vanessa was not for me)

Enrique took part at the 2008 and 2009 Spanish selections for Eurovision. His first attempt was entitled El poder de tu mente, whilst last year he tried again with the song ¿Dónde está Raquel?, not reaching qualifying places with none of those entries. This time, he has submitted the track Vanesa no era para mí to the 2010 Spanish preselection.

You can vote for Enrique Lemus here .

Jorge González – Amada mía (My darling)

Jorge is quite popular with the Spanish audience as he participated at the fifth running of Operación Triunfo, just like fellow Eurovision hopefuls José Galisteo, Lorena and Moritz. Moreover, this guy from Madrid has already experience in Eurovision selections – he participated last year at Eurovisión 2009: El Retorno, reaching the final stage with the song Si yo vengo a enamorarte.

You can vote for Jorge González here .

L'Femme – Es el camino (This is the way)

L'Femme is a female quartet formed by Dámaris, Noemí, Patty and Lorena. They have previous experience in music, and some of them also have connections with Eurovision: Noemí was backing vocalist to Soraya at Eurovision 2009, Patty has collaborated with Mirela (candidate to represent Spain in 2007, 2008 and 2009) and is a former member of Santa Fé (Spanish national finals 2007, 2008, 2009). Besides that, Dámaris, Noemí and Lorena have starred in numerous musicals.

You can vote for L'Femme here .

Libertad Fajardo – Piedrecitas (Small stones)

Libertad started her musical career at a very tender age, when she appeared at the childrens' show Menudas estrellas. She also was on the verge to qualify for the sixth edition of Operación Triunfo, aired in 2008. This year, she applies for the Spanish Eurovision selection with the song Piedrecitas.

You can vote for Libertad Fajardo here .

Lourdes Savarese – Zíngara (Gypsy)

Lourdes, who has Argentinian roots, has participated in the Spanish Eurovision selections twice: the first one, back in 2007, when she entered Misión Eurovisión; and later, last year with the song Tu corazón. Lourdes is bidding for the third time this year with Zíngara.

You can vote for Lourdes Savarese here .

No life after love – Alive

This gothic band hailing from the Andalusian city of Jaén are not newcomers to the Spanish Eurovision selections either, as they already took part in the 2009 edition with the song Time, not reaching the televised stage of the selection. This year they are bidding again with another song in English, Alive.

You can vote for No life after love here .

Samuel & Patricia – Recuérdame (Remember me)

Both Samuel and Patricia took part in the latest edition of Operación Triunfo, aired last year on Telecinco, coming 8th and 5th respectively. Their next musical ambition is to represent Spain this year in Eurovision with the song Recuérdame. For the moment, they seem to have secured a spot in the national final.

You can vote for Samuel & Patricia here .

Yanira Figueroa – Perdóname (Forgive me)

Despite her young age, Yanira is already an experienced participant at the Spanish Eurovision selections. Her debut came back in 2007, when she became one of the finalists of Misión Eurovisión. The year after he applied once again with the song Yo seré, but this attempt was not that lucky. 2010 marks the return of this Andalusian singer, bidding this year with Perdóname.

You can vote for Yanira Figueroa here .

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