Azerbaijan song titles revealed

by Victor Hondal 110 views

The titles of the songs to be performed at the Azerbaijani semifinal on February 2nd have been announced, and all six Azerbaijani candidates will sing in English. The country, which has been quite successful since its debut back in 2008, seems to stick to this language.

These are the acts to compete at the Azerbaijani semifinal, to be held on February 2nd at Buta Palace:

  • Azad Shabanov – Smile. Zehra Bedelbeyli/Vusal Qarayev
  • Safura – Promise. Gunel Musayeva/Zehra Bedelbeyli/Elvin Musayev. The song is in a mixture of English and Azerbaijani. Safura will be accompanied on stage by the group Nero.
  • Ulviya Rahimova – In love. Ulviya Rahimova/Sergey Guliyev
  • Maryam Shabanova – I've had enough. She will be accompanied by the group Spider.
  • Elli Michiyeva – Up, up. Isa Melokov/Taulina Melikova/Elli Michiyeva
  • Milk & Kisses – I am on fire. Dilare Kazimova/Feride Nelson/DJ Vuper

As already reported, three of these acts will be chosen by a jury to go though the final, to be held by late February. Next Tuesday's show will start at 20:00 Baku time (17:00 CET)