How could Serbia go above and beyond in Eurovision 2018?

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It’s been a little while since Serbia confirmed its participation in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The question that occurs is: What will the former Yugoslavian nation do with its Eurovision entry in Lisbon?

A throwback in Serbia’s Eurovision history

Serbia made its debut as an independent country (after its split from Montenegro) in the 2007 contest in Helsinki.

The country saw a fantastic first appearance as it won the trophy with Marija Serifovic and her entry Molitva by 268 points. Serbia became the second country after Switzerland to win at its debut, after the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. The country has been a part of 2 countries that had participated in the past, but cease to exist; Yugoslavia and Serbia & Montenegro.

The Serbians are counting 10 appearances at Eurovision so far. They have been participating every year since their 2007 debut, apart from in 2014 when the national broadcaster RTS withdrew due to financial difficulties.

The Balkan country has had mixed results since 2007. After the impressive 1st place in their debut, there was also a 3rd place in 2012 and a 6th place in 2008 for them. It’s remarkable that in both of these successful entries, one of the ultimate musicians and singer of the country Željko Joksimović was involved; once as the entrant and composer for his song Nije ljubav stvar in 2012 and once as the composer for Jelena Tomašević‘s entry Oro in 2008.

Serbia has been eliminated three times in the semi-final stage. The last time was this year in Kyiv, after their representative Tijana Bogićević placed 11th in the 2nd semi-final with 98 points.

What about their selection method?

The Serbian national broadcaster RTS has yet to reveal any of their plans about their 2018 selection method.

Serbia has applied various selection processes when it comes to choosing their Eurovision representative.

Up until 2009, the contest Beovizija had been held every year since 2004 (when participating as part of Serbia & Montenegro), to select their hopeful at Eurovision. Since then, several national finals have been staged with different formats (either with 50:50 televoting and jury vote, or 100% televoting). However, in 2012 and for their two last participations (2016, 2017), RTS had chosen to select their entrant and song internally.

How Serbia could do it for 2018?

So, what’s your opinion? What method should the country use to appear again the Eurovision final? Who can be the one who can make it? And will the country return to its past high placings or will they achieve an average score once more? Be sure to up-vote for your preferred artist below!

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Got any more suggestions? Who would you like to see representing Serbia at Eurovision? Let us know!