Live: Third semi final in Norway

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The third semi final of MGP 2010, the Norwegian national selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest is about to be held. Seven acts will compete for two spots in the final.

How to watch?

A webcast will be made available by NRK for international viewers here. The webcast will only be working once the shows starts.

The participants

Composer/Lyricist in brackets.

  1. Mira Craig I'll take you high
    (Mira Craig)
  2. Fred Endresen Barracks on the hill
    (Fred Endresen, OlafØwre)
  3. Belinda Braza Million Dollar baby
    (Robin Nordahl, Frode Andersen, Gerard James Borg)
  4. Didrik Solli-TangenMy heart is yours
    (Hanne Sørvaag, Fredrik Kempe)
  5. The Diamond European girl
    (Matias Tellez, Håkon Njøten, Axel Vindenes)
  6. Karoline GarfjellTokyo night
    (Aggie Peterson)
  7. A1 Don't wanna lose you again
    (Ben Adams, Mark Read, Christian Ingebrigtsen)
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The show is starting!

The hosts welcome the audience as every week before the seven acts to compete tonight are introduced.

1. Mira Craig I'll take you high

Current poll result: 3rd (15.7%)

Mira Craig won MGP 2008 as a songwriter having written Hold on be strong for Maria Haukaas Storeng. The song would finish fifth in Belgrade and it remains a fan favourite from that year. During the postcard she explains that her favourite ESC song is J'aime la vie, the Belgian winning song of 1986.

Mira Craig appears all alone on the foggy stage. The song is a catchy mid-tempo song that creates a very special and unique feeling, although it might not be everyone's cup of tea. The vocal performance is not flawless but strong and Mira's unusual voice suits very well. The performance is kept simple, a reason to be even more carfull when it comes to the choice of the dress and pink just seems not to be the singer's colour. Theoutfit she wears on the official photos might have fit better in the performance.

2. Fred Endresen Barracks on the hill

Current poll result: 5th (6.9%)

Fred Endresen competed with his band Publiners in MGP last year and finished fourth in the final with Te stein. This year he performs a song in a very different style as Barracks on the hill is an up-tempo country rock song. The song is very catchy (although a little predicatable) and the singer delivers it very well on stage with a strong vocal performance and a simple but effective stage performance. This entry is well received by the audience and it might be a surprise qualifier tonight.

3. Belinda Braza Million Dollar baby

Current poll result: 6th (4.9%)

The singer explains that this is her first time as a singer but that she was a backing singer for Stig van Eijk in 1999. There is no Scandinavian national selection without some Europop or Eurodance and Belinda is the first act tonight to deliver a song of that genre. In fact, song and performance feature some very classic elements including the slower bridge part after the second chorus, a fake ending before the final chorus and a classic choreography that suits the song very well. Belinda is an enthusiastic performer and she really seems to enjoy being on that stage again after eleven years.

4. Didrik Solli-TangenMy heart is yours

Current poll result: 1st (35.3%)

Didrik is a friend of Alexander Rybak, last year's winner. Tonight, he performs a very classic ballad with some operatic elements. The song is somehow hovering on the line between being "emotional" and being "cheesy" but it will definitely find some fans if it wins the national final. The operatic vocal performance is flawless and the dramatic atmosphere is undoubtly perfect for this kind of music. The outfit, which is mixing classic elements with more modern ones, seems to fit very well in the overall performance.

5. The Diamond European girl

Current poll result: 7th (2.0%)

In refenrence to their song title, the band explains that they like all girls, no matter if they are Australian, African, American and Asian but they like European girls best. Their up-tempo song is a very happy 1960s tune and it is obviously a parody of this kind of music. Comedy entries have not done well at all in recent Eurovision Song Contests which raises the question is this song might be the best choice for Oslo. Nevertheless and entertaining (though rather cryptic) performance that might make some people smile.

6. Karoline GarfjellTokyo night

Current poll result: 4th (11.8%)

Karoline says it would be fantastic to represent Norway and she tries her luck with a catchy piece of Europop. Song titles with places outside Europe often confuse the juries and televoters in the Eurovision Song Contest (e.g. San Francisco in 1997 and Las Vegas in 2005) but it is still an interesting entry that adds some original elements to the genre. The choreography is classic.

7. A1 Don't wanna lose you again

Current poll result: 2nd (23.5%)

British-Norwegian boy group A1 are among the favourites to do well tonight. They deliver a very classic Boygroup mid-tempo ballad that might be slightly outdated but will definitely find some fans. The vocal performance is rather strong, but the trio seems to miss some of the very high notes. This is a very likely qualifier but their result in the Eurovision Song Contest seems to be rather hard to predict.

A recap is shown with all seven performances tonight.

Our poll will close in five minutes.

Our poll is closed now. You can find the updated results above.

The results are coming in!

Mira Craig to last chance round! Karoline Garfjell to last chance round!

A1 to the final! Didrik Solli-Tangen to the final!

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