Conchita got featured in viral BBC weather forecast extravaganza for #InternationalDragDay

by Jessica Weaver 2,618 views

This weekend saw the annual celebration of International Drag Day, with one BBC weatherman taking his broadcast to the ultimate next level with his sickening drag-themed weather report. Can you guess which Eurovision great featured in this latest viral hit?

Drag has had a prominent role at the Eurovision Song Contest over the years with over a handful of drag acts having taken to the grand European stage from a magnitude of countries.

Although first taking to the stage in 1986 with Norway’s Ketil Stokkan and the Great Garlic Girls, the 21st century has seen a major rise in popularity and conversation surrounding the drag scene, both in- and outside of the Eurovision world.

With Slovenia’s Sestre sparking national debate in 2002 followed by appearances from both DQ and the one-and-only Verka Serduchka in 2007, it was Conchita Wurst from Austria who became the first and only drag queen to date to bring home the Eurovision trophy, arguably becoming one of the most talked-about drag artists in recent years.

Sestre from Slovenia, the drag act for the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest

Rising like a phoenix once again, Conchita Wurst is one of the many big drag acts to feature in this now-gone-viral weather forecast, with the BBC’s Owain Wyn Evans paying tribute to all the drag queens including many from the hit television competition RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Check out his fierce forecast and see how many drag references you can spot.

Condragulations Owain, you are the winner of this week’s challenge! Shantay You stay!