Croatia: Severina releases Mrtav bez mene

by Eleanor Cooper 1,439 views

The singer who represented Croatia at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, Severina, has released a new song, Mrtav bez mene.

Mrtav bez mene, which translates to Dead without me, is the third single released from Severina’s new album. It was released on Mondau via her Facebook page, and is the most anticipated release off the album.

Severina released lyric teasers prior to the release of her latest song, which talk of being “crazy in love”. Marina Tuckovic wrote the lyrics and Damir Handanovic composed the music.

In the music video for Mrtav bez mene, the director Darko Drinovac depicted emotions in an unusual way.

This is the third single released from Severina’s upcoming album. The album will be released in two parts; the first in July and the second later in the Autumn.

Severina at Eurovision 2006

Severina finished in 12th place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens. Since then, numerous Eurovision fans have expressed a desire for Severina to represent Croatia again in the Eurovision Song Contest.