Major changes to Melodifestivalen jury

by Victor Hondal 57 views

SVT announced some important changes in the jury for Melodifestivalen final. This to make it more exciting and to improve the result in Oslo, according to a press release.

Instead of the 11 regional juries used for several years, five Swedish and six international juries will make up the total jury point. Just as ususal, the viewers will have their say in a vote by phone which will make half of the total points.

Each of the 11 jury groups will award 12, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point to their favourite songs. The song with the highest number of public votes will then receive 11×12=132 points. The runner up in the public vote will receive 11×10=110 points, and so on.

The six international jury groups are chosen to reflect the new expanded Europe that competes in the Eurovision Song Contest today. The ambition with these goups is to give Swedish viewers an idea of how these countries see the Melodifestivalen finalists, SVT's project manager Thomas Hall says in the press release.

Special thanks to Anders Rinqvist for the submission of this article.