Austria: Full version of ZOË’s Dangerous Affair released

by Stratos Agadellis 874 views

The record label of ZOË, Global RockStar Music, has released the full version of her new single Dangerous affair as expected earlier last month. The very first English-language song of the 20-year-old singer is now available on YouTube and Spotify.

A new experience for ZOË

Despite having a special love for French-language songs and her Eurovision 2016 entry Loin d’ici was written in French, the young singer decided that it’s time to try something else in her music career. Via her record label, ZOË had stated:

I will never abandon writing French songs, but I feel that it is the right time to experience new things. While writing my new single Dangerous Affair, I never planned or thought about the language, it just happened to be in English, and I felt very comfortable with it.

The music video

The full version of the song is out through a music video, where the Austrian singer is singing, dancing and flirting in a bar. The story does indeed have a sense of a Dangerous affair, as ZOË before the end of the video ‘threatens’ the boy she’s flirting with with a gun. The video ends up with ZOË sleeping in the arms of the same boy.

Here you may enjoy the new single: