Bookies’ Roundup: The punters did it again!

by Richard West-Soley 6,364 views

In what could be a replay of Tuesday night, the bookies have once again predicted an impressive nine out of the ten qualifiers from the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

As on Tuesday, there was a shock non-qualifier. Estonia’s Koit and Laura were the unlucky recipients of that misfortune, as was Finland’s Norma John on Tuesday. And, in another repeat of Tuesday, it is the eleventh favourite to qualify – Croatia tonight, and Poland two days ago – that emerges victorious in its place. Just like Norma John, Koit and Laura had enjoyed a solid mid-top-ten favourite position in the qualifying odds before the show.

These were the bookies’ collective rankings just before the show started this evening:

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Romania
  3. Netherlands
  4. Denmark
  5. Estonia
  6. Israel
  7. Hungary
  8. Austria
  9. Belarus
  10. Norway
  11. Croatia
  12. Serbia
  13. FYR Macedonia
  14. Switzerland
  15. Ireland
  16. Malta
  17. Lithuania
  18. San Marino

The result means that FYR Macedonia manages the unfortunate feat of missing five finals in a row, Ireland four and Switzerland three. Belarus, however, is back after two unsuccessful attempts.

Going for a hat-trick

With a 90% success rating, bookmakers have proven themselves to be a good barometer for semifinal qualification. But can this carry across to Saturday’s grand final? Recent years have seen some accurate predictions in the odds, with four of the top five tipped in 2016 (although in the wrong order).

Immediately after the second semifinal, the top ten odds for the overall winner are now as follows:

  1. Italy
  2. Portugal
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Sweden
  5. Belgium
  6. UK
  7. Romania
  8. Netherlands
  9. Armenia
  10. Moldova

How closely could this reflect the final top ten? And how much more movement will we see in the odds before Saturday? With the final rehearsals set to start tomorrow, there is all to play for.