Bookies’ Roundup Day 9: UK provides movement amidst the static

by Richard West-Soley 6,786 views

With the first full dress rehearsal for the first semifinal today, it seems that nothing can shake the top of the bookies’ tables. However, the UK continues to provide movement amidst the static, moving into 9th favourite position to win overall.

British hopeful, Lucie Jones, has been climbing steadily since the weekend. After briefly brushing the top ten yesterday, “Never Give Up On You” is back today in a consolidated 9th position. Finland’s Norma John now moves down into tenth position.

The Netherlands, too, have managed to shore up a strong 8th favourite position, bubbling up from the depths at the end of last week. OG3NE continue to attract punter confidence, seeing off drifters such as Belgium, Denmark and Australia, which now lie outside the bookies’ top ten. France also loses out; “Requiem” has sunk from a consistent 10th favourite last week to the mid-teens over the past few days.

Bookies’ snapshot: pre-semifinal 1

The standing before the first live show tomorrow is as follows:

  1. Italy
  2. Portugal
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Sweden
  5. Armenia
  6. Romania
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Netherlands
  9. UK
  10. Finland

Eight countries will be knocked out tomorrow evening. With five of the top ten favourites amongst the eighteen battling not to be amongst them, will we see any shock ejections?